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Weekly Astrology Forecast: January 13 -19, 2020

Monday, January 13

A pleasant week is ahead of you!

Today, the Sun conjuncts with Pluto and this inspires us to tap into our inner power and our ability to influence our future and many outcomes of our lives. 

It’s the best day to: Plan ahead for your future and focus on what’s important.

Tuesday, January 14

A productive Tuesday awaits when the Moon enters Virgo

This means you must focus on being productive. Hard work, grit and patience are needed in order for you to excel to your duties.

Wednesday, January 15

Wait for the excitement come Wednesday when the Moon enters Libra. This will bring excitement to your social life.

It’s the best time to express your enthusiasm and love for nature and art.

This is a great day to make new friends and meet potential partners.

Thursday, January 16

An adventurous Thursday will want you to go out of the house 

When Mercury enters Aquarius 

This radiates strong energy that urges us to make new friends, start a new business and do something new.

It’s a perfect day to go out there and keep your mind open for new ventures

Friday, January 17

An intuitive Friday awaits! Mercury will be with Aquarius 

and this will give your intuition a boost and you should listen to it. 

Your eyes will be open on what you should do about what’s happening in the world now.

Your empathetic side will want you to look at the spiritual development of people close to you.

Saturday, January 18

On Saturday when Mercury is parallel to Uranus you will feel the need to change your routine and activities that could spark your tension and anxiety.

All this and more on Saturday.

As there will be some big news and you are advised to think twice before you react.

Sunday, January 19

The Moon on Sunday will be in connection with Neptune, Pluto, Saturn, and the Sun. 

And you will be able to get along well with the opposite sex, 

Your household will be in harmony today, and you will also feel highly intuitive. 

The best day to cherish this energy with your family.

And this concludes your week! 

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