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The West Corner

The west corner, in the Feng Shui, is associated with children mainly. But, it is not restricted to them only. It also symbolizes family. This corner is located where the children are present mainly i.e. in between their parents.

This corner is present in between the northwest (the father) and the southwest (the mother). This corner represents the protection and all the care that is given by the parents.


White Tiger – The Symbol of the West Corner

The white tiger is known to be fierce but highly protective in the Feng Shui. It is pretty known as the vicious mother among all the animals like lions and bear. These mothers don’t even hesitate a little to attack even larger males when it comes to the protection of the family.

The Significance of the West

It is the place that is related to the tough daughters and sons. It is the protector of what you own, and children, and whatever you have that you gained after hardships.

The activation of the west corner leads to family protection and happiness along with good luck. It will also help you if you are up to new artistic project or want to have new addition in your family.

Metal Elements Activates the West Corner

The west corner activates with metals mainly like wind chimes, PCs, or anything having metal. Additionally, if you place earth elements like vases or crystals to it, the power of protection enhances. It will elevate the protection circle around children and protect against any injuries for the better well being of the family.

Interestingly, a mother’s energy is responsible for producing the west (children) and the northwest (father) energies along with supporting them.

Further details given below will help you to know how the west corner could aid in protecting and increasing your family, and taking your art projects to the top.

Autumn is the Season of the West Corner

From the season autumn, the chi goes down. It is the time of beginning when the current year finally winds up and heads towards winter which leads to hollow trees only to become green again in the spring.

White Tiger is the Fierce Protector

Every place requires protection. When the white tiger is triggered, the right side of the house is a bit inclined and slightly lower than the left (dragon) side. The left side houses the creation and leads to prosperity and development. The white tiger protects against anything negative that might lead you to trouble.

Benefits of Adding Earth in the West

West is basically a metal location – the earth. It supports in promoting the wealth of the west house. You can add crystals, vases, chandeliers, and other earth-related products to the west to promote relationship and wealth energy. It also controls the nasty children behaviors so they remain good with the family and the parents.

Pregnancy and Family Increasing Energy Lies in West Corner

The corner in the west has the luck of descendants. To enhance fertility energy, placing the children images and healthy fruits like pomegranates would help. For pregnancy activation, tinkling wind chimes work the best. You can also add vases in this region when you want to conceive. Vases are associated with the womb.

Plenty of Sunlight in West – Deal With It

Ample amount of sunlight is a beneficial addition in any house. When the house faces west and receives lots of solar energy at front, it leads to anger, anxiety, and tension within the house when not properly controlled. To reduce the light to the right extent, use shades, drapes, or shutters. Hang the faceted crystal at the west windows so the received light converts into different rainbow colors due to dispersion.

Other Symbols: Gray and White Colors and Small Metallic Products:

The power of this area enhances by using metallic elements and metallic colors like gray and white. Other earth-related colors are also beneficial like terracotta, tan, yellow, beige, and ochre. When your home is opened at the west side, you can control the light intensity by using earth colors especially beige and tan.

Number 7 is for the West Corner

The number 7 is the west corner number and it is also the number of small metals including scissors, knives, etc. When any member of your family is facing health problems associated with lungs and mouth, check on having the blue color or water element in the west corner of your house. If your washroom is situated in this region, bombard the area with the metal and earth elements in the west region of your living room. Also, reduce the water images and association of blue color from the west corner.

Make sure that this region doesn’t have any fire elements or else it will cause troubles in the family. The loss could be grave like the death of the child or the problem with the daughter’s attitude. It also affects the fertility of the family when the kitchen, bathroom, and fireplace are present in this area. Those who already have children can have problematic teens who argue and fights.

Enhance Creativity by Adding Earth and Metal Elements

The earth is the mother and transfers its energy to the metal elements which makes them the forth artistic energy. Globes, pictures of mountains, crystals, maps, etc. activate the west corner. Activating this corner is highly important for actors, speakers, podcasters, news reporters, and politicians. The west is also the perfect place to showcase your children’s creativity like their paintings and crafts.


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