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6 Simple Tips to Feng Shui Your Home

To welcome chi and the Feng Shui opportunities, you need to make your entrance appealing at the first step. The beautiful entrance becomes a positive statement for everyone who comes to your house. Not only for them, but it also gives the welcoming warm feeling to you when you enter your home.

In Feng Shui, the door leads to income, money, and better chances. Thus, decorating your hallway entrance is the key to welcome all the positive energy that your door possesses. There are seven great ways to create a beautiful entrance to your house to receive as much positive wealth, income, and harmony energy as you can.

1. First Impression is the Last

Whether you believe this or not, but the first impression really matters. If you want your house to look appealing to others, initiate with your entrance. It should be receiving lots of light with fewer shoes and coats if possible. It should also be the cleaned every time so the opportunity doesn’t walk away.

2. Use the Correct Artwork

Your entrance should have the right art depicting your desire. It should symbolize what you want. Take the picture of the beautiful bird for instance, or the lush green field having lots of flowers. The direction of these things should be going inside your house as it will welcome more positive energy and leads to growth and confidence.

3. Flooring Directions Matter

If your floor design has the pathway like design that is ending on the window or another door, then chi will enter your house and leave from it by following the given pattern. The direction of your flooring should go inside the house. If you cannot change your flooring, just add beautiful rugs on the floor so the chi could take the detour.

4. Illumination as Feng Shui Enhancers

The best lighting not only makes you see things clear but also improves Feng Shui. It adds positive energy and lifts chi. It is the fastest way to augment the Feng Shui. You can use chandeliers, lamps and crystal lights to enhance the energy effects even further.

5. Beautify your Foyer

Beauty has its own types of chi. Treat your entrance as the jewel box that has a beautiful corner with glass ceiling; not as literal but make it as beautiful as you can. Use the amazing colors for the ceiling, and wallpapers for the walls. Use the best hues you can imagine and it will make the chi to stay more. Using flowers enhances energy and promote goodness.

It is also necessary that your front door doesn’t directly take energy to the kitchen, backdoor, or toilet. To change this ominous view, you can add a standing screen, a colorful curtain, or just a plant. It will slow down the chi. Also, if it goes directly to the staircase, add a big chandelier or crystal light near it so the energy doesn’t go away from the door without staying.

7. Mirror Directions Matter

If the mirror is present in front of the entrance door, it will reflect the energy away. Not only that, wealth will go away with it as well. Though, the mirror is the symbol of adding a missing piece. Having a mirror at front will make your house like a plant that doesn’t receive water and dries.


By using these techniques, you can increase the positive energy that enters your house and make it stay for long.

If you want to create auspicious energy in your home like what’s mentioned above, you can start at the entrance by placing a Serenity Buddha Wind Chime.

One of its benefits is that it is a powerful cure for negative Chi and an aesthetic way to enhance positive Chi.

Fun fact: Did you know that Buddha’s presence in any household has a calming effect and radiates positivity all over?

And in addition to that, a Gold or Resin element is a perfect addition to beautify your foyer. It illuminates and radiates positivity. A King of Wealth Abundance Frog will not only make your Foyer look like royalty but it will also attract wealth.  Place it on the wealth and opportunity area of your home (northeast).

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