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The Yin Experience

How would you feel by doing nothing and achieving big? Getting things done is not an easy task, but we have got you covered. Read further to know what lies in your leisure time.

Gain Big by Simply Doing Nothing! Sometimes This Magic Works

Sometimes, you can be more productive by really doing nothing at all. It will help you in attaining a great many things without giving any time to the actual product in real.

In the word of Feng Shui, things are different from our real world. They are either negative or yin, or positive or yang.

A yin and yang are not bad and good respectively. But they are just like the electronic wires in which one is negative and one is positive. And if anyone of them is not present, the current will not flow to make your gadgets work. That’s how life works in Feng Shui.

Summer is the time when the passion emerges with hot flame. It is the ideal time to use temper flares and bringing in the yin. Stephen Covey in his famous book says that put a stop and sharpen the saw – it is the key to be more fruitful. In simple words, it means that when a person is busier, he becomes less efficient.

Many times, we commonly think that sitting and doing nothing doesn’t do any good. But that’s not true. The leisure time in between the busy schedule helps to think deeper to achieve more in life.

Yang is the major energy in today’s world where everyone is rushing. All the people are busy in moving, going, doing, and being hectic.  Nowadays, people are overwhelmed continuously. But, when the yang is up and full, there’s a blast.

Earth is at the yang peak in summers. It is the time when humans need more yin than anything. In the summer, the perfect thing to do is to spend time at the beach with your favorite book or to be involved in some advantageous activity. To know about it more, you can simply say that the universe is made from nothing, which means creating something big without doing nothing is possible.

A Creative and Dark Space: Heat could make you feel nuts. It blasts your every nerve. But, why not you take this as an opportunity? And sit go to the cinema to enjoy creativity in the cool environment. If you can’t go there create one at home by sitting and watching the movie in your most beloved place in the house.

Be Instant: Yin energy also means there’s no control. According to one saying, a change is similar to rest. Just take one afternoon off and go to the place that you have never explored before. Or just visit the new coffee shop that has just opened around the corner. Just do something that you don’t do often. To give yourself a break, you need to do something that you haven’t done before. This work shouldn’t be planned or scripted at all.

Have Cooling Foods: Cool foods are not yang but yin. Those foods could even be better which are double yin – that means foods that are cold and liquid. A cucumber soup or similar recipes can keep you cooler in summers and give you a refreshing feeling. For weight loss, liquids are considered great in Feng Shui.  If you drink a glass full of water before your meal, it will make you feel fuller.

Keep Your Desk Clean: If you don’t see the vivid picture and can’t decide where to go, then it’s time to clean your desk. Clear it properly. When there are lower things on the desk, it will open your mind and make things clear. What will it do to your mind; you will see after clearing it. 

Make Proper Schedule: Make proper plans for the schedule. There should be a proper time for everything you do. Your calendar should have a column for fun as well. Take some time out and plan what you should do.

Make Your Mind Clear: The secret of clear mind lies in meditation. It opens the closed mind and makes you go back to work with clear picture. Meditation will shut up all the noises that are disturbing you. It will give you the correct pace to reach out. Meditate while breathing in the positive energy and removing the negative one. Practice this for at least five minutes only.

Make Your Book your Best Friend: Go for a fiction book, spare some time to read it. Fiction books are focused here because they won’t burden your mind with the information that you don’t need. When you are indulged in a good book, you won’t get time to think about other things. That eases your mind.

Go on a Vacation:  Don’t think of long vacations; just take a weekend off if you can. Even the planning of vacation might relax your mind to see forward. Plan the vacation beforehand and enjoy even the waiting time of that vacation.



Master Sarah Lee

Master Sarah Lee

Sarah Lee dedicated herself to the study of Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui since the 1980s. To date, she has analyzed over hundreds and thousands of profiles transforming the lives of more than 1,000,000 individuals.