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Weekly Astrology Forecast: February 17 – 23, 2020

Huge cosmic shifts are happening this week, we have the Mercury retrograde and the Moon waning. 

There will be conflict, but there will be breakthroughs and miracles!

Monday, February 17: Retrograde

On Monday, we have the Mercury retrograde in Pisces and we will have 

overwhelming feelings. It’s the best time to channel your energy towards creativity. Focus on your imagination and look out for the signs.

Astrology Event: Mercury in retrograde on Pisces

It’s the best time to: Be rational, fight the feeling of being off. Divert your attention to productivity. 

What you should avoid: Don’t let your emotions decide for you today. 

Tuesday, February 18: Deep Relationships

A productive Tuesday awaits when the trine between the Moon and Uranus occurs.

This means you must focus on being productive and innovative.

The good news will come to you on this day. Relationships can deepen as we allow ourselves to get vulnerable. 

Astrology Event: Trine between the Moon and Uranus

It’s the best time to: Allow yourself to feel and be human.

What you should avoid: Bottling up your feelings.

Wednesday, February 19: Empathy

On Wednesday we would feel less motivated. 

Pisces rules empathy and devotion as well as self-pity and jealousy. You will feel torn.

The nature of Pisces will let you flow beyond your own boundaries to get a glimpse from different perspectives. 

Astrology Event: Sun in Pisces

It’s the best time to: Remind yourself of your WHY. Believe in your own talents.

What you should avoid: Comparing yourself to others.

Thursday, February 20: Selflessness

On Thursday, you will feel much more humanitarian and selfless and you wanted to contribute for the greater good.

You may feel the need to communicate loudly to reach an audience for the greater good, you may either reach a breakthrough or annoy people.

Astrology Event: The moon in Aquarius

It’s the best time to: Speak your mind and ask how you can help.

What you should avoid: Meddling on others’ businesses, there’s a thin line between helping and meddling. Be careful of that.

Friday, February 21: Drive

On Friday, something big will come out of your professional work that will fuel your drive. 

Use your expertise to help people as it will open opportunities.

Friday is all about ambition and selflessness. 

Astrology Event: Mars in Capricorn

Trine between Uranus and Taurus

It’s the best time to: Use your talent as you think of the greater good. 

What you should avoid: Don’t do things in bad faith or for your own sake, this will result poorly and people will see right through you.

Saturday, February 22: Miracle Day

On Saturday, you will have an epiphany about something in your life you have to change. 

It will be a personal revelation, a miraculous day where you will have clarity about your future.

Astrology Event: Sun in Pisces. Sextile between Uranus and Taurus.

It’s the best time to: Allow yourself to heal and connect to your higher self. Be intuitive.

What you should avoid: Avoid getting your head in the clouds.

Sunday, February 23: Spirit Guides

On Sunday, the Moon will be in Pisces at 3:33 PM. This means your angels and spirit guides are with you.

It can be a life-altering day. Look inside of yourself and see other sides of your character, ask your angels and spirit guide for help. 

Listen to your authentic self, you can make changes in your life.

Astrology Event: Moon in Pisces

Pisces conjunct on Sun and Mercury Retrograde.

It’s the best time to: Follow your divine feeling, it’s the best time to reach out if you need help. Express yourself.

What you should avoid: Being stubborn and unteachable. Avoid your dark habits.


And this concludes your week! 

IMPORTANT: There are 3 auspicious dates for you to take note of before the month of February comes to an end.

During those dates you should plan to work on major events in your life.

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