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Weekly Astrology Forecast: February 24 – March 1, 2020

This week will be a pleasant week, despite the Mercury retrograde still happening.

It will be all about your personal self and confronting your own monsters.

A spiritual enlightenment may also take place.

Monday, February 24: Acceptance

On Monday we have the Sun in Pisces and you will be determined to get ahead. It’s the best time to dream big as it will be a day full of personal insight and ambition.

You have also let go of the negative energies that hold you back, it is by embracing them that you will be able to let them go. Today there will be a spiritual awakening. 

Astrology Event: Sun in Pisces conjunction to Mars

It’s the best time to: Dream big and face your fears, treat yourself.  

What you should avoid: Don’t compare yourself to others, embrace and accept what you have.

Tuesday, February 25: Misunderstanding

A tricky Tuesday awaits. In terms of communication, you should be careful with your words as there is a possibility for you to be misunderstood. Especially when the topic is about sentiments. 

Astrology Event: Moon moves to Aries at 6:48  Sun still in Pisces, Aries moon on top of Asteroid Cairon. Communication planet in Pisces with Mars. 

It’s the best time to: Focus on yourself

What you should avoid: Minding other’s business

Wednesday, February 26: Slow Down

Slow down and process the information on Wednesday. Don’t let your emotions cloud your judgment. Know you’re signing up for before you make a decision. With Mercury retrograde at its strongest, a lot of people might experience “buyer’s remorse”

Astrology Event: Mercury in Pisces, harmonious sextile with Mars and Capricorn

Moon in Aries in Capricorn

It’s the best time to: Do your research and reflect on your plans, take it slow today.

What you should avoid: Commit to anything big and long term

Thursday, February 27: Brand New Courage

On Thursday your path suddenly becomes clear. And you have an opportunity to do things completely differently. Instead of being rejected, you can be really accepted today. It is a day to stand in your power and take accountability for your actions.

Astrology Event: Moon in Aries, I feel comfortable with being my own and moving in life

Conjuncts venus and loving aries.

It’s the best time to: Use it for surprises as you will overcome the objections of others, people will be more accepting. Do today what you didn’t do yesterday.

What you should avoid: Second-guessing yourself

Friday, February 28: In Full Glory

On Friday, it is a day of practicality and positivity. It will allow you to have radiant energy and presence for everything you need to work do: Projects, work, bills, commitments, career.

Stars and time are on your side you can do things much quicker.

Astrology Event: Moon in Taurus,

Taurus conjuncts Uranus and Taurus

Harmonious Trine with Mars 

It’s the best time to: Get a lot of things checked on your to-do list. Make your vision a reality.

What you should avoid:  Staying on the sidelines.

Saturday, February 29: Once Every 4 Years

February 29th on Saturday is the last day of the month and a leap year 

A day that you get once every 4 years. It is an auspicious day where the positive energies are at its peak. 

Astrology Event: The moon in Taurus

Sextile with Neptune

Harmonious sextile with Jupiter and Capricorn

It’s the best time to: Breakthrough on what it is you want to be.

What you should avoid: Holding back

Sunday, March 1: Indefinite

Energies on Sunday will be similar to Tuesday’s and you will have great potential to misunderstood. 

Astrology Event:Moon in Gemini

It’s the best time to Focus on finding new ways of doing things.

What you should avoid: Stay away from giving your opinions on sensitive topics on this day



And this concludes your week! 

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