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Weekly Astrology Forecast: March 9 – March 15, 2020

We have come to the end of Mercury Retrograde on March 10.  And also, today is the first super moon of the decade!

You will feel the shifting energy around you. It is mainly because of the new beginnings that rise up to greet us. 

This Supermoon has many names: Crow Moon, Worm Moon, or Storm Moon.

These shifting energies are favorable for helping to bring greater clarity, perception, and focus.

What else can you get in this supermoon? 

Archangel Ariel is in charge this month and he will help to increase the flow of good into your life. 

It’s excellent for manifesting your desires and to call upon Ariel for assistance.

Monday, March 9: Self-Exploration

On Monday we have the Full Moon in Virgo, you can now take risks and sign agreements and contracts. As transportation and communication are going back to normal because the retrograde is ending. You’ll become very focused on yourself so there’s a tendency to isolate.

Astrology Event: Full Moon Virgo. Mercury controls Virgo and the full moon is in Virgo

It’s the best time to: Control yourself not to isolate too much, help other people.

Full Moon Tips: The Full Moon inspires you to deal with your emotions. You can use the power of the full moon and go into the world of your own emotions. You can be freer than you are today, emotionally, spiritually, 

Tuesday, March 10: Loving Energy

On Tuesday it will be Valentine’s day all over again! You will feel much more sociable and open to love. You will the loving energy around you. There will be no room for miscommunication and there will be a balance.

Astrology Event: Moon in Libra. Opposes Chiron in Aries

It’s the best time to:

For Singles: Look for someone who will sweep you off your feet, you’ll meet him or her today.

For Those In a relationship: Celebrate your relationship and appreciate your partner

Wednesday, March 11: Intuitive Day

On Wednesday the sense of balance extends to the auspicious planet. Connecting with yourself results in favorable circumstances to commence. You will also be more insightful and intuitive, your clairvoyance or intuition will be on its peak.

Astrology Event: Moon in Libra sextiles Jupiter in Capricorn  

It’s the best time to: Tune in your intuition to get the right information. Use your imagination to connect to the other side. Ask for assistance from your angels and spirit guides.

What you should avoid: Putting your ideas on hold

Thursday, March 12: Deep Intuition

On Thursday you will be focused on attraction and love as well as improvement. Feelings of love will be intense today. It’s also a time to reveal secrets in a productive way. Things that were unspoken but would make a situation better if it was revealed.

Astrology Event: Moon on Scorpio. Opposes Uranus in Taurus and sensual Venus

It’s the best time to: Bond with your significant other. If you’re single, get out and join the game!

What you should avoid: Looking at your past and dwelling on it. Avoid toxic gossip today.

Friday, March 13: Friday the 13th

In Chinese numerology, the number 13 is bad luck because 1+3=4 and 4 mean death. While in numerology 4 means stability.

Astrology Event: Scorpio moon forms a harmonious trine with Neptune. Sun in Pisces 

It’s the best time to: If you are to observe the planets, Friday the 13th would be a great day to apply your ideas to achieve fulfilment and joy. It is about transformation and drive.

What you should avoid: To be safe, don’t do something dangerous on this day and be careful.

Saturday, March 14: Full of Love

On Saturday you will have the opportunity to reflect on past mistakes and make things right. You will have an epiphany on the lessons you’ve learned in life.

Astrology Event: Moon in Sagitarrius. Forms a harmony in Venus and Taurus and Uranus

It’s the best time to: Focus on yourself on how to undo the mistakes. You have the power to manifest on what you want your life to be. 

What you should avoid: Avoid being hypocritical, don’t hate yourself and be proactive. Don’t give in to negative feelings.

Sunday, March 15: Full of Love

On Sunday you will crave nature and solace. Go spend time with nature and feel the love of the earth, be sensual with your feelings toward yourself and nature.

Astrology Event: Sagittarius moon forming a square Neptune in Pisces. Positive angle with Taurus and Venus

It is the best time to: Meditate and get in touch with your spirit guide or guardian angel. This will replenish you with a sense of ease being, you will have total reassurance.

What you should avoid: Criticism, overthinking and self-judgment.


And this concludes your week! 

If you’ve been noticing peculiar signs lately…

…Universal symbols of abundance like 11:11.

…Stumbling upon pennies and coins.

…Feeling a sudden sense of gratitude.

These are all tell-tale signs that a divine transformation – an ENERGY awakening, is coming YOUR way!

You’re going to EFFORTLESSLY obtain AN extraordinary, protective power.

A power that will put an END to your struggles with negative energies, misaligned chakras, unexplainable attacks, bad luck…

Master Sarah Lee

Master Sarah Lee

Sarah Lee dedicated herself to the study of Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui since the 1980s. To date, she has analyzed over hundreds and thousands of profiles transforming the lives of more than 1,000,000 individuals.