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How To Call Upon Your Guardian Angel For Protection During A Crisis

What if struggles leads to beautiful things? 

What if this pandemic will change you as a person? What if this lockdown would make you appreciate life more? 

To connect with your highest self…

And make you appreciate little things you used to ignore.

You wake up late this morning to eat brunch after staying late last night binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix. 

And for the first time in years, your calendar is open. You have nowhere else to be and you can’t go out. 

So you turn on the news and watch the cases of covid-19 increase in other countries, in your area. 

“When will this end?” “How about my job?” “The economy is collapsing what’s next?”

It was fun at first, finally a long break, but then the lockdown turns into weeks then months. So you started getting anxious. What happened to certainty? All of a sudden, there is no certainty about anything at all.

This world crisis that we face has no concrete date when will it end. 

And with everything that’s going on, every emotion that you go through...Your Guardian Angels sees and feels it all. And they are with, waiting for you to call on them.

What are the roles of Angels? (Based on the scriptures)

  • To guard men, institutions, cities, and nations. 
  • To help us in spiritual difficulties. 
  • To protect us from danger
  • To help us fulfill our calling. 
  • To provide guidance (sending messages thru dreams, numbers, songs)
  • To aid us in our struggles (spiritual and material-financial)

I’m certain you’ve already prayed for big miracles in your life. For your debt to clear up, to get your dream job, for you and your family to be free of illness.

Miracles happen and one of which is discovering peace in the middle of chaos.

What type of Angels should you call upon?

There are 11 types of Angels which I will discuss in another article. 

In the face of a global pandemic, what we all need to call on is a Peace Angel. 

Peace Angels can be called into your life to help you face an obstacle, help calm you down, and help you soldier on.

They work with you to make you feel calmer, they drop in a note or thought of optimism on the things that you read or watch. The feel-good words you see on TV accidentally? Or the post from a friend that talks about optimism that you never intended to read? 

Or that moment when you suddenly get a flashback of a joyful memory from your childhood. It’s them, reminding you that life was once beautiful and it will be again, soon. 

That’s your angel.

They will help you see the silver lining even in your darkest days.

How do you call on your Guardian Angel?

1. Acknowledge them by your side

Establish a close relationship with them. Acknowledge their presence and know they are there. Include them in your daily activities like when you’re jogging or walking. 

That’s the time when your mind is idle, so you have to pay attention and allow your mind to be receptive to what thoughts come into your mind. With no judgment.

Run with them, walk with them, call on them before you go out of your house or before you close a deal. Watch out for signs: it could be numbers, feathers, coins, names that you see several times each day.

2. Meditate

When you meditate, you enter the “no-mind” zone. It’s when you are present; active and conscious but you don’t think.

Light a candle, before you start calling upon your angel. 

Focus on your breathing while your eyes are closed. Don’t think of anything, not even your guardian angel.

The point of meditation is to clear your mental debris, so it is pure and your angels can communicate with you clearly. Do this daily for a few minutes.

3. Keep an Angel journal

Think of this journal as your means of communication to your angels, write your intentions, your feelings. How do you want your angel to help you? What kind of help do you need?

Make it clear and specific.

Write down your desires and your wishes, there are no rules here just write them down.

When you think that your angel has made contact with you write them down. 

It could be anything like a repeating number, a weird dream and although it may seem like nothing at first,  you’ll see that these experiences mean something later on. And it would be a lot easier to understand when you record all of it.

4. Talk To Them

No judgments here! Talk to them like they exist, because they do. It may seem like your talking to the wind but they are there, and they are here for you.

Talk to them about your day, tell them your wishes, and ask them for help. Just like talking to your best friend.

Show your appreciation and tell them you love them.

Make it a habit of talking to them such as setting a time to meditate each day and to talk to them.

5. Listen to Your Intuition

Cast down your fears and allow your inner strength to rise. Your intuition is the one that will tell you where to go or what to listen to in order to hear from your guardian angels.

It is the voice of your soul. The more you listen to it and accept it, the more it will become stronger. And you can use your intuition for a lot of things, including communicating with your angels.


Accepting divine guidance will sharpen your intuition. If you’re used to doing this it would be quick and easy to get answers from your angel. Just stay open and don’t place any judgment. Listen to the signs they give you. 

When you don’t feel at ease in a situation, your angel can help you by sending you signs to help validate your intuitive instincts.

When you’re searching for an opportunity, your angels can give you signs if you’ve found the right one.

We hope this article can help you connect with your guardian angels during this challenging time and give you insights on how angels work in your life. 

We cannot see them but they are doing amazing things for us. You’ll be amazed at what your angels can do for you.

There’s nothing more peaceful than to lay down our burdens and feel the peace of having no worries. 

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Carline Gutierrez

Carline Gutierrez

Carline Gutierrez is a Feng Shui advisor and Spiritual blogger. Dedicated to enchant readers and guide them to the path of finding their intrinsic self, getting self-fulfillment and prosperity