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Weekly Astrology Forecast: April 27th – May 3rd, 2020

A pleasant day to you, Spiritual Seeker!

We are in the last week of April and I have some very good news.

On Thursday we have the luckiest day of the year!

This week will be intense, in a good way…

Monday, April 27th: Communication Is Key

On Monday you will be driven by emotions and intuition, and this lets you express and freely communicate your vision to people who did not listen to you before.

You can make use of this day to communicate more.

Astrology Event: Moon in Cancer (nurturing, emotional)

Mercury communication moves to fighter Taurus ruled by Venus(love planet) 

It’s the best time to:  Use communication to set yourself free from your past. Communicate with your higher self. 

What you should avoid: Acting on impulsivity due to emotions.

Tuesday, April 28th: Act On Your Realization

On Tuesday you may feel discouraged to do any activities.

You will, however, have an epiphany on what you need to change yourself from within – your thinking, and your unhealthy habits. There might be a miscommunication, opposed to Monday where communication is key. You will also feel less stable.

Astrology Event: Mercury in Taurus (logical thinking)

Squares Saturn (stability) in Aquarius (service orientated)

It’s the best time to: Fight the laziness and procrastination. Think of ways to counter instability.

Wednesday, April 29th: Transformation

On Wednesday you should keep in mind that if you want to evolve, you can definitely achieve it if you work for it. Once you do, you will rise like a champion and evolve as a person. 

This would change your perspective in life and you will be able to manifest tangible things.

Astrology Event: Cancer Moon (feelings and emotions)

Opposes Pluto transformation and auspicious Jupiter under diligent Capricorn

Cancer trines with water sign Neptune under Pisces

It’s the best time to: Not give up on your dreams. Use your kind heart. 

Thursday, April 30th: Luckiest Day Of The Year

On Thursday it will be the perfect day of the year to get creative, so start something that could build opportunities such as a new business or a new project.

According to the planetary alignments, you will be passionate about your interests and you will be highly creative. Mercury in Taurus will provide you with a practical nature and Uranus will give you a miracle so look out for that.

Astrology Event: Moon in Leo (passionate, highly creative)

Mercury still in Taurus (practical intellect)

Trine with Uranus (miracle planet)

It’s the best time to: Stay positive throughout the day and you might get a miracle!

Friday, May 1st: A Liberating Day

On Friday which is the first of May will be a day where you can totally liberate yourself.

You will have twice the confidence and you will be inspired to do things differently.

You are extremely adaptable.

Astrology Event: Moon in Leo (life purpose, outgoing, fun) 

Opposes with Mars in Aquarius (confidence boost, good changes)

In harmony Venus in Gemini (love and creativity)

It’s the best time to: Use this time to create your happiness in your new normal.

Saturday, May 2nd: Fun-filled Day

Saturday will be a fun-filled day full of positivity. Your thoughts will be clear because you have learned to adapt and change your perspective in the past few days.

It’s because you are being prepared for this day as the Universe has been giving you signs. 

Astrology Event: Moon in Virgo (control and order)

Sun trine in Taurus (deeply rooted in thoughts and actions)

Mercury in Uranus (uplift the mind to new magnitudes)

It’s the best time to: Pay attention to the signs on this day and be receptive. Acquire inspiration because it is a wonderful day to get great ideas. 

Sunday, May 3rd: Overwhelming Feelings

On Sunday you will feel quite overwhelmed and emotionally drained.

Take the day off, put your feet up, rest, light a candle, and meditate.

Be kind to yourself as much as possible, and celebrate the week’s success.

Astrology Event: Venus in Gemini (you’re talkative, curious

At odds with Neptune in Pisces (spirituality, intuition

Virgo Moon opposes Neptune in Pisces (fantasy)

Virgo Moon Harmonizes with Pluto and Jupiter

It’s the best time to:  Connect with your deepest authentic self and realize your worth. Don’t give in to pressure and tension brought on by the present circumstances of the world. 


And that concludes your week!

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