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Weekly Astrology Forecast: May 4th – May 10th, 2020

A relaxing day to you, Spiritual Seeker!

This week we have huge Astrological events such as the Full Moon in Scorpio…

Which means it’s a time for self-reflection.

We also have the Angel Number 333 

Because the moon moves at 3 am on 3 separate days.

Your angels are ready to assist you and your terrific plans are about to take flight!

Monday, May 4th: Compassion and Clarity

On Monday you will feel compassionate and empathetic, as well as comfortable with people around you. 

It is also great news that you will have Mercury’s influence on communication because you will be on top of everything.

Your mind is clear to see the bigger picture now such as new opportunities.

Astrology Event: Moon in Libra from 3:10 AM EST (compassionate, comfortable)

Sun in Taurus sits on top of Mercury in Taurus (communicating things in a reasonable way)

Oppose Chiron in Aries (wounded healer, you feel loving)

It’s the best time to: start a business as you are full of loving energy. You want to show the world what you love to do and what you do best.

Tuesday, May 5th: Express Yourself

On Tuesday there will be an incredible balance among the planets because they are all air signs. Similar to Monday, communication will be great.

On this day you will be able to express yourself freely as there are no room for miscommunication.

Astrology Event: Moon in Libra

Trines Venus in Gemini (love and communication)

Trines Mars in Aquarius (Male planet, confident, determined)

It’s the best time to: Start something new – be it a new relationship, a new business, signing contracts, or negotiating

You can start something that can generate money.

Wednesday, May 6th: Looking Inward

On Wednesday, you will be looking inward and reflect on the happenings of this week.

Don’t be too hard on yourself and practice self-love.

This day has the tendency to become an emotional rollercoaster ride.

Astrology Event: Moon in Scorpio 3:05 AM ETA (looks things in a deeper way, ultra-sensitive)

Squares Saturn in Aquarius (Structure, redefine what is possible.)

Opposes Chiron in Taurus (healing, comfort)

A positive relationship with the Moon (reflecting inward)

It’s the best time to: Look back on your wins, not on your losses.

What you should avoid: Try not to take anything personal on this day as the Scorpio moon will make you sensitive.

Thursday, May 7th: Full Moon Scorpio

On Thursday, a huge secret will be revealed and you will gain a sense of power and control.

You will be able to put your foot forward and finally make a decision of dropping negativity from your life.

You will be taking your full power and control back.

More about Full Moon in Scorpio:

It will be evident what you’re truly passionate about and what you truly care for.

You will also realize how much power and potential you actually have. Scorpio is ruled by both energy and desire. Let your past lessons fuel you and your desires drive you.

Astrology Event: Full Moon in Scorpio 6:45 AM EST

Saturn in Aquarius 

It’s the best time to: Embrace this power and do what you’ve been wanting to do for years.

Friday, May 8th: Your Wondrous Soul

On Friday, you’ll feel your adventurous soul wanting to break free and you need to take caution because your need for adventure can hurt you.

Don’t trust too easily on this day and make no mistakes on making yourself vulnerable in front of someone you just met. It’s risky and you could get your heart broken.

Astrology Event: Moon in Sagittarius at 3:16 AM EST 

Trine with Chiron in Aries (wounded healer, fiery)

Uranus in Taurus (transformation and values)

Sextiles Saturn in Aquarius (structure and logical)

It’s the best time to: Keep things straightforward and take it one step at a time, don’t overexert yourself. Enjoy your Friday night without complications.

Saturday, May 9th: No Expectations

On Saturday, don’t expect people to completely understand you. With some conflicting energies, you may encounter arguments. 

Make an attempt to ask yourself what makes you truly happy. A lot of strong male energy present this day is great for physical activity.

Astrology Event: Mercury in Taurus (talents and communication)

Sagittarius Moon opposes Venus in Gemini (at odds with love planet)

Squares Neptune in Pisces (compassion and intuitive wisdom)

Sextiles Mars in Aquarius (passion and intellect)

It’s the best time to: Engage in a physical activity instead of engaging in topics.

Sunday, May 10th: Saturn Retrograde

On Sunday, Saturn will start to retrograde which means you will reflect on past lessons for this week of the past year.

Ask yourself how can you use your reflection for your future. It is a great day for action and to be proud of yourself. In terms of Karma, you will be rewarded.

Astrology Event: Moon in Capricorn, Saturn Retrograde

You will reflect on what you’ve done in the past and find a stronger meaning and connection to them. 

The Saturn Retrograde may also bring about feelings of guilt about mistakes from the past.


And that concludes your week!

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