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Weekly Astrology Forecast: May 11th – May 17th, 2020

An awesome day to you, spiritual seeker!

This week will be interesting as three planets will be in Retrograde.

It’s also a great week to pay attention to your inner self. 

And in what areas of your life needs improvement. There will be exciting opportunities for you this week. 

Monday, May 11th: Saturn Retrograde

On Monday, you will accept accountability for who you are. The Saturn retrograde will let you reflect on matters such as relationships and where you stand in your career.

Astrology Event: Saturn Retrograde until September (planet of security, you would want to do your best all the time)

Mercury on Gemini – (communication will be clear and you’ll have great prospective)

Squares Mars in Aquarius (ambition planet, letting go of negative)

It’s the best time to: Look towards the future and start a new venture, partnership, or relationship. You will have a clear and excellent perspective. 

Do this before Venus goes retrograde on Wednesday

Tuesday, May 12th: Day Before Venus Retrograde

On Tuesday, you will feel like doing something that will make your inner soul happy, such as helping people in need.  

You will act on your instinctive or emotional energies to do the things you need to feel comfortable or secure. 

Astrology Event: Moon in Aquarius 11:39 AM EST (you want to feel good inwards)

Mars in Pisces (ambition, sensitive and powerful)

It’s the best time to: Resolve any personal or business matters before Venus goes retrograde the next day. This will be your only chance to do it. 

You should take this seriously as Venus rules, love, beauty, and also money.

Wednesday, May 13th: Venus Retrograde

On Wednesday, it will be the start of Venus Retrograde and this means that emotional stability, values, beauty, love, emotions, as well as money, will be affected.

Your emotions will be on overdrive, you can get mad easily, fall in love easily, get convinced easily, and decide on a whim in terms of love and money. 

Astrology Event: The Venus Retrograde starts on this day and ends on the 25th of June.

It’s the best time to: Focus on the matters you have at hand or the activities or projects that have started before the start of the retrograde.

What to avoid: Avoid serious commitments, huge investments, and drastic changes in your appearance. Brace yourself for unresolved issues re-emerging from the past.

To know more about What to Expect on the Venus Retrograde click here

Thursday, May 14th: Jupiter Retrograde

On Thursday, you will find pleasure in a creative project that you’ve been working on before the Venus Retrograde.

Astrology Event: Jupiter on Retrograde (Planet of good luck and wisdom)

Joining Saturn and Venus Retrograde

It’s the best time to: Stay positive, have faith in yourself and the Universe. Discover your life’s true purpose and listen to your inner voice.

Friday, May 15th: Sensitivity

On Friday, you’ll become more sensitive and compassionate. It’s a great chance for spiritual people or lightworkers to work on something you care about.

Astrology Event: Moon in Pisces (inner reflection, intuitive, sensitive)

Squares Mars in Pisces (masculine planet, sensitivity)

Square Mercury in Gemini 

It’s the best time to: Findnd answers as they will come more easily to you. Look within yourself by meditating and you will gain a lot of perspectives.

What to avoid:  Avoid looking back on hurtful memories.

Saturday, May 16th: Impulsivity

On Saturday, you will feel that you need to work in order to get what you want. You feel like you need to make a decision based on your feelings. 

You see everything differently during the retrograde, reality is somehow clouded and influenced.

Astrology Event: Moon in Pisces (inner reflection, intuitive, sensitive)

Neptune in Pisces (water planet, intuitive)

Sextiles Venus in Retrograde in Gemini (Love and communicative)

Harmonious relationship with Pluto in Capricorn (planet of rebirth, hardworking)

It’s the best time to: Focus on your ongoing progress and control yourself from making a decision based on your emotions.

What to avoid: Making impulsive decisions

Sunday, May 17th: Be Kind To Yourself

On Sunday, you feel more prosperous from within. Now that you have dived deep within yourself, you are now more self-aware and have gained more intuition. 

Be kind to yourself because you too can get exhausted and may get hurt.

Astrology Event: Moon in Aries from 9:36 AM EST (perspective and great sensitivity)

On top of Chiron in Aries (wounded healer, self-aware)

Sextiles Jupiter in Capricorn (looking inward)

Sun in Taurus (priorities, money)


And that concludes your week!

This week is a tough one, as we are facing all three retrogrades and of them is the Venus Retrograde which is the most intense of all. This only happens every 8 years.

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