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10 Signs to Know If You’re An Earth Angel or Lightworker

Many of us are on the path to awakening ever since spiritual awareness rose to popularity.

Today, Meditation is now the norm to take care of your mental health and to become more aware of your what’s going on around you.

Spiritual awakening is on the other hand is discovering your role on Earth – the sole purpose of why you were created. It is to become mindful of your relationship with the Divine.

Like waking up from a dream, you are now “conscious”…

If you feel like you are going through an unfolding in consciousness and awakening, you are likely to be on a divine mission as a light worker or an earth angel.

Light workers are the first to be activated from a mass awakening. 

What is a light worker? Also known as star seeds or Earth angels, they are spiritual beings living here as humans and are sent to heal, teach, support, write, and enlighten others.

Here are 10 signs to know if you’re an Earth Angel:

1. You have a craving for spiritual growth

You have always been trying to dig deeper and find out the truth of who you really are. You have a deep desire to explore your true self,  and what’s lying deep within your soul.

2. You’ve been having lucid dreams, deja vu, flashbacks, astral projection, dimensional slippage

Your consciousness has been upgraded and this is why you are seeing things that are not in our astral plane, which are not in the same time and dimension.

3. You strongly believe in the Power of Manifestation and apply the Law of Attraction in your life

You believe that you create your own reality, and that you can manifest anything you desire into your life easily.

You are also not afraid to let go of your self-limiting beliefs. You have full trust in the Universe and that you will get what you truly deserve.

4. You’ve been seeing synchronicity and number codes

This could be from the moment you wake up – you see repeating numbers and mostly in the frequency of three’s or four’s.

5. You have a renewed motivation to change the world and protect its people.

Charities have become your thing. It makes you feel more alive knowing you are helping people.

6. You are an empath which also makes you sensitive to energy fields

When you witness a painful situation online or in-person, you feel a pain deep in your core.

You are compassionate and understanding. 

And this means you could also absorb negativity from people, places, or all living things.

Since you are an Earth angel, your soul is from a divine place and not of this earth so it feels the energy of every single thing.

7. You have a sudden need for energetic self-care

You want to transmute and clear negative energy regularly. This could mean you have sage, incense, crystals lying around. 

8. You feel an intense connection to the Universe

Touching the leaves and walking barefoot enriches your soul and it feels like you are holding hands with mother earth. You feel this at a fundamental level.

9. People are magnetically drawn towards you

You’ve met people that are irresistibly drawn to you and on the other hand, you’ve met people who can’t stand your energy even when you haven’t spoken yet.

It’s your illuminating energy that attracts people with the same energy and repels people who do not have the same.

10. You are highly spiritual

You feel at ease exploring your spirituality, whether it’s about your chakras, energies, crystals, enlightenment, third eye, spirit guides, and healing.

You are fascinated with your intuitive powers – you know you have it in you and you really want to develop it. You want to harness the powers you know you have (healing, consciousness, soothsaying, future vision)


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