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Weekly Astrology Forecast: June 29th – July 5th, 2020

An amazing week awaits for you, spiritual seeker!

If you faced some problems last week, it’s due to Venus pulling away the negativity before it goes direct. This “mini setback” helps to provide space for love, positivity and a future you enjoy and desire!

Monday, Jun 29th: Move Forward

On Monday, the Scorpio moon will pull your energy towards thyself.  You will be inclined to focus on your own needs and listen to your own inner-intelligence as well as your higher self.

This will be a slippery slope that could turn you into a selfish being, so watch out for that.

You have the perfect opportunity to let go of the things that still bother you which occured last week.

Astrology Event:

Moon in Libra (relationships)

Moon in Scorpio from 6:48 PM EST (own feelings and desires)

Squares Saturn in Aquarius  (boundaries, focus) 

Moon in Scorpio forms a harmonious relationship with Mars in Aries (ambition, rules)

It’s the best time to:

Let go of negativity to free up some space for positive things in your life. For example, stop spending time and energy thinking about what you did wrong. Instead, think about how you can move forward.

Tuesday, June 30th: Your Most Abundant Reality

On Tuesday, Jupiter and Pluto will be in conjunction after 13 years. You will have a chilling epiphany on what to do so you can transform and step into your most powerful and abundant reality.

Astrology Event:

Jupiter in Capricorn (Lucky planet) 

On top of Pluto in Capricorn (rebirth 

Jupiter and Pluto in conjunction (once every 13 years) 

It’s the best time to:

Tap into this brand new energy to paint a fabulous vision of your future. Take control of it and don’t let it control you. Be consistent in manifesting your perfect future but be patient. Don’t beat yourself up. 

Wednesday, July 1st: Self-Care Day

On Wednesday, your attention will be focused on places, people, and situations that make you feel at home, right within your comfort zone. 

Astrology Event:

Moon in Scorpio  (own feelings and desires)

Sun is in Cancer  (self-protective)

It’s the best time to:

Practice self-care as emotions run deep on this day.

Thursday, July 2nd: Third for Knowledge

On Thursday, take a leap of faith and trust your judgment. No one ever succeeded by hiding in the shadows. 

Astrology Event:

Moon in Sagitarrius (most intimate areas of your life, thirst for knowledge)

Saturn moves into Capricorn (rules and practical action)

It’s the best time to:

Think about practical things you can do to fulfill your desires but be careful to stay realistic.

Friday, July 3rd: The Adventurous Sag

On Friday, you may have the urge to run around and explore, but fear-mongering news might hold you back. 

Astrology Event:

Moon in Sagittarius (most intimate areas of your life, thirst for knowledge)

Squares Neptune in Pisces (dreamy, intuition)

It’s the best time to:

Take care of your thoughts, your emotions, and stay still when things don’t go your way. Meditate, pray, and realize that you are in control of your energies. 

Perhaps you can “travel” intellectually or spiritually? Don’t put yourself in harm’s way. 

Saturday, July 4th: Happy 4th of July!

On Saturday, it will be the 4th of July and those of our readers in the US will be celebrating Independence Day. Happy 4th of July!

On this day you’ll have a serious urge to feel useful, whether it’s to friends, family, or the world. 

You will want to use your intellect for something meaningful and you will begin to transform your ideas into concrete actions.

Astrology Event:

Moon in Capricorn  (work, succeed)

Opposes Sun in Cancer (self-love)

It’s the best time to:

Practice standing in your own power, and have more interest in what affects you personally.

Sunday, July 5th: Unexpected Distractions

On Sunday, focus on yourself on what you want to create for your life, no one can dictate you on this day.

You may be in a situation where you can be easily distracted.

Astrology Event:

Full Moon in Capricorn

Sun Opposition Moon (Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse) 11:46 PM EST

Sits next to Jupiter and Pluto (transformation and good luck)


The key is to you align yourself with the transformative energy of Jupiter and Pluto (which only conjuncts every 13 years!) And you will get answers to all your questions from the Universe.

Don’t question your passions, don’t judge yourself by your crazy ideas.

The technology we are using right now was once just a crazy idea like everything else 😉

If you want to dive deep into your soul to seek out answers, you should listen to your inner voice and intuition.

June kicked off with two eclipses and one was on the Solstice.

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