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The 7 Worst Feng Shui Decorating Mistakes You Can Make

A lot of us are spending more time in our homes since the COVID-19 Pandemic because of fear from contracting this deadly virus that has viciously taken thousands of lives in several parts of the world.

As we spend most of our time at home, we want to ensure that it is a place of good energy and balance.

If you’re like me, you might have spent some time redecorating and decluttering your home during the lockdown.

But did you know that Feng Shui plays an important part in the energy you bring into your home?

Moving objects and changing their positions could significantly affect one or even all areas of your life! 

In this article, I would like to show you how you can avoid these Feng Shui mistakes you may have already been unknowingly making.

But first, a little background on Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy from a thousand years ago. It is believed that perfect harmony and balance is all about placement. The main principle of Feng Shui is that “Qi” or energy unites everything in the Universe.

Everything in your life will run smoothly when Qi flows in your home without obstructions. You will have vitality, wealth, prosperity, and peace.

However, there is also a thing called negative Qi which has the opposite effect of positive Qi. 

Incorrect placement of fixtures and objects creates this catastrophic energy.

And what does negative Qi bring to your life? It will wreak havoc, chaos, and may even bring sickness, famine, and loss of money. 

So before you redecorate your home, keep these 7 important tips in mind.

1. Don’t jump into the “mirror craze”

If you live in a tight space, mirrors can expand the appearance of the area.

However, placing mirrors in your house can make or break your peace and prosperity. There are auspicious areas where you can only put them.

Don’t place one in your bedroom as it disrupts sleep. 

Place them: 

In corners but don’t let it reflect (1) Clutter (2) Mirror (3) Main door 

At your dining table – reflecting food (don’t place it in a position that “cuts” the head or feet of people)

Where it reflects auspicious objects or lucky charms 

2. Skip dried and artificial flowers

Artificial flowers traps dust and it represents negative Qi. Instead, you should take care of healthy plants that are auspicious in Feng Shui such as: 

  • Money plant
  • Lucky bamboo plant
  • Lotus 
  • Chrysanthemum 
  • Peony

Note: Get rid of dying plants as well as sharp and thorny plants.  They represent sharp energy otherwise known as the “poison arrow”.

3. Get rid of stuff you no longer use

If you have basic knowledge about Feng Shui, you would know that clutter is its biggest enemy.

And if you’re familiar with Marie Kondo, she helps people get rid of clutter and organize their homes with her KonMari method.

The Netflix series was awe-inspiring, and you wouldn’t believe how many people out there keep enormous amounts of clutter, mainly because they’re sentimental.

Once you get rid of the clutter, you will breathe easily and you will ease up the flow of energy and welcome new, positive energy.

4. Get rid of broken items

Yes, I’m talking about your chipped coffee cup, your leaking faucet, or that cabinet door you never fixed.

Broken items attract and accumulate negative Qi. Especially a leaking faucet, or a broken toilet. A leaking faucet signifies a loss of wealth. While a chipped cup or broken mirrors represent relationship problems. So better fix them right away!

5. Don’t over decorate your Main Foyer

Your main foyer is where the positive Qi enters, so don’t over decorate it. Don’t place shoes, bins, and filthy floor mats there. Keep this area clean and bare. 

6. Avoid Dark Colors in your bedroom

There are so many trends this year, but if you’re tempted to “go dark” don’t. Especially in your bedroom. Dark colors can signify water, and too much of it can cause emotional problems. Depression, weight gain, and sickness.

7. Don’t forget to Feng Shui your Paintings

Don’t place your paintings too low as the “low energy” may lead to sadness and depression. Place them as high as possible.

If you have a fiery bright yellow painting, it invites vital energy of the sun which brings life. It also represents money and wealth as it is also the color of happiness and warmth.

Avoid art with a painful history because the energy lingers on objects.


The Universe – and everything there is are made up of energy.

Now it’s entirely up to you to manipulate these energies and vibrate on the frequency of your desires.

I truly want your vibrations and energies to be aligned and protected.

And it can all happen for you VERY QUICKLY…

All you have to do is activate your “Qi energy’ before August 2020 (Ghost month)

You’ll see how your luck will change dramatically once you do this.

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