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Weekly Astrology Forecast: August 17th – August 23rd, 2020

This week you will rise above your challenges and have an intimate connection with your inner being.

It will be all about self-reflection and applying practical changes in your life. 

Don’t give up just yet, you’ve come too far.

Monday, August 17th: Getting to Know Thyself

On Monday it will be an awesome time to reflect upon your life and get to know your authentic self. 

The masculine planet Mars will help you build your identity. 

With Leo’s influence, you will be confident enough to explore your inner self and the things you haven’t done in your life yet.

Astrology Event:

Moon in Leo 1:39 AM EST (confidence and fun)

Mercury in Leo (passions, emotions)

Sun in Leo forms a conjunction with Mercury (positive communication)

Mercury forms a trine in Mars in Aries (demanding, masculine)

It’s the best time to: 

Take this time to get to know yourself on every level – spiritual, physical and emotional. 

What you should avoid: 

You have the tendency to lose your focus on what really matters and become impatient.

Don’t give in to this feeling, have fun and go where positive energy flows.

Tuesday, August 18th: New Moon in Leo

On Tuesday you’ll be on a dreamy trance – you’ll want to have some quiet time for yourself. However, with your responsibilities, you’ll be pulled off from this dreamy state and be forced to face reality.

It’s the best time to: 

Clear yourself off heavy emotions that pull you down. Instead, let your childlike enthusiasm come up to the surface and enjoy life to the fullest!

Astrology Event:

New Moon in Leo (on top of Mercury in Leo)

Wednesday, August 19th: Embrace changes

On Wednesday you’ll want to keep things in order – your house, your bills,  or any outstanding work on your mind…You will have the energy to straighten things out and organize. Welcome this flow of energy into your life to keep growing.

It’s the best time to: 

Apply practical changes in your routine, doing so will force a shift in your outlook and perspective. Giving you a whole new vision.

Astrology Event:

Moon in Virgo (practical and in order) from 4:21 AM EST

Thursday, August 20th: Your Blessings Are Coming

On Thursday analyze your circumstances and make practical changes. The planetary placements on this day will encourage you to be more optimistic. 

You’ll feel focused and productive, which helps you find it easy to apply these positive changes in your life.  

Astrology Event:

Moon in Virgo (practical and in order)

Opposing Neptune (dreamy)

Trines Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn (lucky planet, rebirth, structure)

It’s the best time to: 

You don’t need to have everything figured out right now, the most important thing is that you are willing to change and your soul is growing.

Keep your mind open and be ready to adapt to sudden life changes that may occur. Have faith and trust the divine process.

Friday, August 21st: Overwhelming Emotions

On Friday the Moon in Libra will encourage you to compromise and use diplomacy in a complex situation that needs your attention.

Astrology Event:

Moon in Libra (diplomacy, ideas)

Opposes Chiron and Aries (wounded healer)

Uranus in Taurus (rebel)

It’s the best time to: 

You have all within you to access your true potential, you just have to dig deeper. You are a blessing to the people around you, and may not realize it just yet.

Saturday, August 22nd: Conflicting Energies

On Saturday this day would be quite challenging as you may be overwhelmed with people demanding your attention. This may cause you to have mood swings.

Astrology Event:

Moon in Libra (diplomacy, ideas)

Opposes Jupiter, Pluto, Mars, and Saturn (luck, rebirth, demands, structure)

It’s the best time to: 

Hold a successful vision of yourself. Don’t allow outside forces to interfere with your goals. If the day gets too overwhelming, you can take a step back and count your blessings.

Sunday, August 23rd: Manifest Your Dream Life

On Sunday it will be a highly spiritual and an intuitive day. This makes it a great day for you to manifest your heart’s desires and plan for the coming week.

Dreams do come true, accept the blessings, money, and good health coming your way.  

Astrology Event:

Moon in Scorpio from 6:16 AM EST (intuitive)

In harmony with Mercury and the Sun (communication)

It’s the best time to: 

Bring out your crystals, light incense, and carve up some time to meditate and visualize success on this day – the following days will be magical.


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