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How To Make The Most Of Uranus Retrograde’s Energy This Year​

Uranus is the planet of rebellion and awakening. It went retrograde on August 15, 2020, and it will end on  January 11, 2021.

There will be a tremendous shift in energies and anything can happen. 

You will also feel a push and pull between adapting to the new and letting go of the old. 

A sensation like never before is kicking in very soon! 

How To Make The Most Of Uranus Retrograde's Energy This Year

1. Expect an awakening

Uranus is the planet of awakening and you may feel more united with your guides, the Universe, and the unknown. (past life, your future)

You will have vivid dreams of familiar places and past experiences. (eg. deja vus and visions of your future.)

Don’t ignore them as this is the Universe’s way of guiding you to your true path.

As a planet of rebellion, Uranus also wants you to tune into your higher self to be able to connect with the liberation this powerful planet brings. Just don’t ignore the signs! 

2. You will be confronted with situations

You will be forced to address the issues that are crumbling in your life. 

Uranus and your guides will provide you with a new perspective with signs and signals in the form of dreams, visions, and signs. You are not alone in this, so power through!

3. Expect Innovation

The pandemic is proof that not anything you expect in life will happen because anything can change in a single moment.

Expect for more innovation and prepare to adapt – in all aspects of your life. You will witness universal shifts in front of your eyes.

This means that a new professional option might be available, a new relationship, or even a new place of residence. 

Drop your expectations from last year, anything can happen and you just have to roll with the punches. 

Will you be adapting easily to the new normal? Or will you be clinging onto your pre-pandemic way of life?

4. There may be civil unrest

As a planet of rebellion, people won’t be contented with what the people in power do to handle certain situations. 

The pandemic has also brought issues to the surface and anomalies in healthcare.

You will have the courage to voice out your opinions and be more passionate about your beliefs.

5. You will feel insatiable hunger for personal growth

This may be the extra push you’ve been waiting for. 

If you’ve been trying your best to stick to a routine, learn new skills, achieve your fitness goals or improve your skills – this time you will have the consistency to follow through.

The personal breakthrough you’ve been wanting to achieve is within your reach!

You will also seek reform in your process, in your way of living as well as the way you think.  Your inner wisdom, and how you react and approach situations.

Note that: You may be focused on personal growth but may feel challenged in terms of your security and material possessions. 


Uranus Retrograde is certainly not a flawless transit, but it’s also an auspicious one if you tap onto the right channels! 

This transit will help you build a better foundation for your future, and it may jump-start the change you have been longing for in your life.

There are still 4  months left to make 2020 the comeback year it was meant to be…

But, whatever you do, don’t sit on the sidelines.

Here’s a special Numerology Reading for you…To help you harmonize the energies associated with the number “2020”  before the year is gone.

You can still bounce back even bigger than before!


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