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Weekly Astrology Forecast: September 21st – September 27th, 2020

A meaningful week awaits you! 

This week will be an eye opener, bringing you feelings of optimism and the urge to explore your hidden emotions.

You will learn so much about yourself and others around you this week.

Monday, September 21st : A Leap of faith

On Monday, you will be filled with positive energy. Allow yourself to maintain this vibration as you will be encouraged to take a leap of faith on a new opportunity. Use your intuition wisely, and balance it with facts.

Astrology Event:

Moon in Sagittarius (Sense of optimism)

Mercury in Libra

Square Pluto in Capricorn (rebirth and hard work)

It’s the best time to: 

If you work with this energy and engage in the process, you might achieve positive results on this day. Start the day by being optimistic and embrace the good things coming your way!

Tuesday, September 22nd: Use your good judgement

On Tuesday, you will bring the happy-go-lucky attitude from the Sagittarius Moon. However, it will be much more complicated as your desires and life purpose will be highlighted.

You will have an intense craving for success which may make you overlook on other important factors.

Astrology Event:

Moon in Sagittarius (Sense of optimism)

Sun in Libra (harmonious balance)

Chiron in Aries (wounded healer sign of the ram)

It’s the best time to: 

Focus on what’s in front of you, and live in the present moment. Challenge yourself on things you wouldn’t normally do. 

Wednesday, September 23rd: Stand in your power

On Wednesday, you might find it quite difficult to express yourself to others and a misunderstanding could occur. 

Astrology Event:

Mercury is in conflict with Saturn in Capricorn (Communication and structure)

It’s the best time to: 

Stay objective and stand in your power. You don’t need validation, as your thoughts and actions are powerful enough. No one needs to approve them but yourself. Own the day!

Thursday, September 24th: It’s okay to not be okay

On Thursday, listen to your feelings. You are allowed to feel sad. You are allowed to react. Life is not a fairytale. We go through ups and downs so walk this journey with an open heart and mind.

Astrology Event:

Mercury is in friction with retrograde Mars (friction between your will and what’s right and wrong)

It’s the best time to: 

Listen to your inner self calling out. Do you feel exhausted? Rest. It’s okay to not be okay. Call a friend, watch a movie, regain your strength, and conquer the next day.

Friday, September 25th: Rebirth

On Friday, it’s time to work your way forward. No more doubts and fears getting in the way. You’ve regained strength and potential is building. 

The energy is clear and the universe supports your path.

Astrology Event:

Capricorn Moon in Pluto (rebirth and hard work)

It’s the best time to: 

Feel your energy aligning, your mind clearing, your emotions settling down. You are advised to do some Chakra balancing meditation.

You’ve been putting on the hard work and the Universe is working with you.

Saturday, September 26th; Human Connection

On Saturday, with sociable Aquarius, it will bring about a desire for human and social connections including leisure activities. 

Astrology Event:

Moon in Aquarius (social connection)

It’s the best time to: 

Stay safe despite wanting to personally connect with people.  We are not out of the woods yet as vaccines are not yet available. 

Take some precautions, prevention is absolutely always better than cure.

Sunday, September 27th: Deep and Meaningful Conversations

On Sunday, we have the planet of communication on Scorpio. This placement will encourage you to have deep meaningful conversations with the people around you.

Astrology Event:

Mercury on Scorpio (communication, profoundness)

Take this opportunity to heal and iron out any past differences you had with those around you. Nothing can go wrong on this day when it comes to communication.


Your burdens will slowly leave you once you make peace with the truth. 

As the quote goes “Then you shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

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Carline Gutierrez

Carline Gutierrez

Carline Gutierrez is a Feng Shui advisor and Spiritual blogger. Dedicated to enchant readers and guide them to the path of finding their intrinsic self, getting self-fulfillment and prosperity