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Intense Cosmic Events To Expect This October 2020

2020 has been filled with a cluster of events that caused a lot of people stress, anguish, anxiety, and emotional turmoil. 

If you are one of those who are anxious most of the time this year. I’ve got good news for you.

October is a month where things will start to simmer down and you can finally breathe. 

It is a time of completion, an end of a karmic cycle.

You should start to see the energies shifting to the things we need to focus on, the things that matter and long overdue for you to let go.

Everything will make sense as you witness a new beginning and an end to a painful chapter. 

Here are the major cosmic events for October 2020 and the energy they bring:

October 1: Full Harvest Moon in Aries

Aries ruled by the planet Mars are both masculine planets. They are planets of ambition, aggression, and passion. 

This conjunction may cause you to feel restless and irritable. It’s a great day to purge and let go of any pent up anger and frustration.

Feel it coming, allow them to manifest, and let it go.  

It’s also a great day to channel your energy towards your ambitions.

October 3: Mars Conjuncting Eris

Eris the Goddess of discord will encourage you to reclaim your powers. This conjunction could be unstable and explosive in nature.  

Think before you snap and don’t react with your emotions. You may do something you might regret later on.

On the bright side, it’s a good day to practice your rights and beliefs.

October 4: Pluto ending the retrograde

Pluto the planet of rebirth has been on retrograde since April 24, 2020. On October 4th it will be direct.

You may tend to look back and reflect on your personal improvements since April. What have you learned since then? What goals have you achieved and planned?

Pluto also encourages you to raise your awareness and tap into your consciousness. 

October 6: Mars will be nearest to Earth

This conjunction will intensify the energy of the planet of passion and ambition. Things could get heated up literally bringing extreme weather conditions. 

Spiritually and energetically, this energy will propel you to work hard on something you’ve been wanting to get. Use this opportunity to finish some pending tasks and to lay out some groundwork for future projects. 

October 9: Mars Square Pluto

You have close contact with the collective need for transformation and change. 

You will feel the need to reclaim your power, use your voice, and defend yourself to maintain your personal integrity and achieve your own goals. 

In the US, government elections are fast approaching and this placement will heighten everyone’s opinions.

October 13: Mercury Retrograde

The infamous Mercury retrograde, well it’s not as ominous as you think. 

In fact, this event will allow you to reflect on how far you’ve come, and  layout a plan for your future. This will help you to keep going. 

It also promotes patience and to trust in divine timing.

In terms of communication, the best way to communicate is face to face because misunderstandings can be really common during this period.

Go deep within and listen to your inner voice.  

October 16: Super New Moon in Libra

The Super New moon of the year will fall in the sign of Libra, the sign of balance and equality.

This will shed light on your work-life balance. Things have changed this year and you may be caught off guard with the new routines – the new normal.

The Super New Moon will inspire you to think of creative ways to live your daily life.

October 17: Sun aligning Arcturus

Arcturus is the most intelligent star. 

This will allow you to tap into your higher consciousness. 

It is a day when you have increased intuition to tap into your highest self, and feel your deep connection with nature, the universe, and everyone else. 

It is a great day to meditate outdoors and consume high vibe nutritious foods.

October 22: The start of Scorpio Season

Scorpio is a water sign and it’s about deep emotions. You will find meaning and you’re going to feel motivated by your emotions so logic comes second. 

It is also a point of rebirth on the zodiac. Opening up for who you truly are, like a cocoon shedding off its skin you are allowing yourself to be born again. 

October 31: Blue Moon in Taurus

The blue moon is an absolutely rare event in the cosmos and it falls on Halloween! 

This will intensify the spiritual forces around you, your spirit guides, your departed loved ones, your guardian angel. 

You will feel more connected to them than ever before.

You will feel even more connected to higher realms.

Your intuition and psychic abilities will be at an all-time high. 

Uranus, the planet of unexpected, is also active during this period, and you should expect some shocking news to storm your Halloween night.


Closing - Freebie for the Month of October

October brings so many pleasant surprises, they may be intense but it is something you can use to your advantage. 

You can finally breathe this time, especially with your intuition at an all-time high and your guides and Universe by your side.

This season encourages you to trust your inner voice and reclaim your power.

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This is your last chance to turn 2020 around, it’s not over yet.

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