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Weekly Astrology Forecast: October 5th – 11th, 2020

A powerful and balanced week awaits you, Spiritual Seeker!

This week you will be provided with your much needed push for motivation.

New opportunities will appear and you should out look out for signs!

Monday, October 5th: The Life of Your Dreams

On Monday, you will dream of a life of luxury and pleasure which will inspire you to take action. 

New opportunities are appearing for you to take advantage of. Don’t let opportunities pass you by.

Astrology Event:

Moon in Taurus (pleasure-seeking)

In harmony with Saturn (structure) 

It’s the best time to: 

Have courage and be brave, don’t listen to your negative self-talk.

Tuesday, October 6th: Balance

On Tuesday, be true to yourself and you will find your bliss. Whether it’s going out to buy groceries or meditate in your garden or your rooftop, just do it.

You need balance in your life and that’s what you’re going to accomplish on this day. With the help of important people in your life.

Astrology Event:

Moon in Gemini (communicative and social)

In harmony with Libra (balance)

It’s the best time to: 

This day will bring many surprises. So heads up for an exciting day!

Wednesday, October 7th: Biggest blessings

On Wednesday, you’ll discover new ways to earn and improve your finances. These upcoming changes will enrich your life in ways you can’t imagine.

Astrology Event:

Mercury is in opposition to Uranus (Communication and spontaneity)

It’s the best time to: 

Have faith, never ever give up, and you will soon see positive results.

Thursday, October 8th: Rest easy

On Thursday, you should rest easy as the previous days will be full of action. This day should be a day for you to recharge your batteries.

Astrology Event:

Moon in Cancer (sensitive and dreamy) 

It’s the best time to: 

Spend this day with unseen powers that are always working for you.

Friday, October 9th: Conflicts

On Friday, you will have the tendency to be impatient because you are not seeing the results you are expecting lately with all the hard work you’ve put in. This has nothing to do with your present situation, it’s just the influence of planet Mars.

Astrology Event:

Retrograde Mars is in conflict with Pluto (masculine planet of ambition, in conflict with the planet of rebirth)

It’s the best time to: 

Turn this intense energy into a positive one by accomplishing goals on your to-do list and being productive. Don’t deflect your frustration on people – this won’t end well.

Saturday, October 10th: The Moon is void-of-course

On Saturday, avoid making huge decisions that may potentially impact your life as well as your future. 

Do something that doesn’t require emotional intentions to achieve.

There will be stagnant energy today but think of this as the Universe having a day-off. 

However, don’t forget to always radiate positivity despite having little achievements on this day.

Sunday, October 11th: Your creative extraordinary mind

On Sunday, the Leo moon will amplify your creativity and you will be bursting with unique and exciting ideas. 

Make sure you take note of them as this will be a transitional phase. Connect with the right people who can help materialize your new-found ideas.

Astrology Event:

Moon in Leo (fiery, confident, creative) 

It’s the best time to: 

Let go of situations or relationships that are no longer serving you and embrace new experiences.


Align with your life’s mission and purpose and take advantage of this momentous October season of good karma. 

Which also provides you exceptional creativity that lets you tap into your subconscious mind.


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