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Weekly Astrology Forecast: November 16th-22nd, 2020

Hey there my dear spiritual seeker, 

We will have the Moon in hardworking Capricorn and optimistic Sagittarius this week which can bring about some really inspiring and motivating vibes.

On Sunday the 22nd of November we also welcome the Sagittarius season. Hello Sagittarius babies!

During this phase, you will feel more upbeat, accepting, and more open to possibilities. You’ll radiate like a ray of sunshine!

Monday, November 16th: Be an optimist

On Monday, choose positivity even if it may be hard for you to focus. Whatever you see in your mind will manifest. It may not be instant but it will happen. 

Make it a daily ritual to visualize your ideal life and your best self. Become secured in your destination. 

Astrology Event:

Moon in Sagittarius (optimistic)

Causing tension with Neptune (dreamy)

It’s the best time to:

Channel dreamy Neptune with your active visualizations, do this before bedtime.

Tuesday, November 17th: Overcome things you didn’t think you could

On Tuesday, you have the opportunity to completely reinvent and upgrade yourself as you will be blessed with incredible focus and determination.

This shift will make it easier for you to focus and get work done – just don’t forget to make time for rest. 


Astrology Event:

Moon moves into Capricorn (hardworking)

It’s the best time to:

Overcome the things you thought you couldn’t with the power of wisdom and hard work. Embrace the unknown, and have faith.

Wednesday, November 18th: May you be blessed with patience

On Wednesday, hardworking Capricorn’s drive to achieve greatness will be amplified even more because of its conflict with Mars, which is an aggressive male planet.

This may cause you to feel restless and impatient.

Astrology Event:

Moon in Capricorn (hardworking)

In conflict with Mars (ambition, aggressive)

It’s the best time to:

Have faith that you are divinely supported in your dreams, you may not see what’s going on behind the scenes as your life is transforming every day. May the Universe bless you with patience on this day.

Thursday, November 19th: Pedal to the direction of your goals

On Thursday, your heart will be filled with passion and your mind with gratitude. You will be able to honor your journey and focus on your goals. 

Astrology Event:

Moon in Aquarius (artistic)

Sun is in harmony with Saturn (structure)

Venus has tension with Saturn (planet of love has tension with the planet of order and structure)

It’s the best time to:

Remember not to take your relationships for granted as you are chasing your dreams.

Friday, November 20th: Rest easy

On Friday, you will feel overwhelmed and exhausted from the previous days. Take a little break today, don’t worry too much. Taking a breather won’t put your dreams on hold. 

Astrology Event:

The Moon is void of course (causing flat or stagnant energy)

It’s the best time to:

Do your tasks early in the day. 

Saturday, November 21st: Upgrade your circle

On Saturday,  you will realize the abundance of good people around you that are ready to help you. 

Emanate love from the bottom of your heart and you will get it in return. The transits on this day encourage deep connections and intimacy.

Astrology Event:

Venus moving into Scorpio (planet of love and the zodiac of intimacy)

Sun moves into Sagittarius (optimistic and impulsive)

It’s the best time to:

Attract a community of support and start deep and meaningful relationships, you are upgrading your circle.

Sunday, November 22nd: Clairvoyant messages from the future

On Sunday, get ready for incredible new energy as your mind will be filled with creativity and vivid imagination. 

Astrology Event:

Moon moves into dreamy Pisces 

You are in a moment of extreme clarity – get ready to experience clairvoyant messages from the divine on this day.


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