Tips on How to Attract Great Fortune This Lunar New Year 2021

February 12th 2021, marks the Chinese New Year, it is also called Spring Festival or Lunar New Year as it follows the Lunar Calendar.

It is a day where we pray to the Gods and shake off negative entities in our surroundings.
It’s when the zodiac animal officially changes and now we are entering the Year of the White Metal Ox.

Your animal sign dictates your luck in career, wealth, love, and health. Every animal sign for every year has a different fate.

However, no matter what your fate is it’s always better to keep your eye on the prize and stay ahead of the game by optimizing your space to attract prosperity all year round.

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6 Important Dates to Look Out For In Aquarius Season

Aquarius season will be all about evolution, compassion, justice, and your humanitarian side. Aquarius can be innovative and at the same time, it can also be stubborn.

This season, Aquarius influence will also be affected by the planetary events and I’m telling you, you should know about this because it won’t be easy.

And it’s better to have the knowledge and be prepared for what’s coming – whether it is good or bad.

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Aquarius Season 2021: How It Affects Your Zodiac Sign

Since the Great Conjunction of 2020 in the sign of Aquarius, this marks the beginning of the Aquarius decade.

You see, Aquarius season is almost here, it starts next week on January 20th and it is something that excites you.

Now let me tell you about Aquarius, it is innovative, pioneering, humanitarian, compassionate, eccentric. The negative side is it is detached and distant – which can somehow work in your favor, you get to step away from the stressful factors of your life.

That’s why this Aquarius season you get to have a mental break!

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Your 2021 Predictions According to Your Zodiac Sign

If you’re read about our article posted on December 2020 The Great Conjunction of 2020 then you must know that it marks the beginning of a new era – where Jupiter and Saturn aligned in the air sign of Aquarius.

This means that there’s an energy of innovation and change because that’s what Aquarius is all about TRANSFORMATION among its other straits, you will be looking to innovate whether within yourself or of everything around you.

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