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Weekly Astrology Forecast: January 4th- January 10th, 2021

A glorious week awaits you, spiritual warrior!

Inner transformation and self-innovation is your theme for this week. You will be geared up to make crucial career and business decisions. 

The stars are all in your favor this week,

Monday, January 4th: You are unstoppable

On Monday, you will have the drive to really focus on what you can achieve or what you can do today for your day to be productive.

You are destined for great things and today you are blessed with the momentum and clarity which makes you totally unstoppable.

Astrology Event:

Mercury in Capricorn (communication and hard work)

Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn(rebirth and hard work)

Moon in Virgo Opposing Neptune in Pisces (focusing on manifesting)

It’s the best time to:

Focus on your tasks and form a healthy habit to kick off the first working day of the year! Inner transformation and self-innovation is your theme for the week. 

Tuesday, January 5th: Auspicious Day

On Tuesday, you’ll be in a delightful mood as you feel the new era of expansiveness within yourself. You will be more compassionate and do well with people. 

Astrology Event:

Moon in Libra (fair and justice)

Trines with Saturn in Aquarius and Jupiter in Aquarius (expansiveness, abundance, growth, peace)

It’s the best time to:

Anything that you start on this day will most likely be auspicious and turn out to be positive in the end. 

Wednesday, January 6th: Laser-sharp focus

On Wednesday, you will be in a serious career-driven mode. Any huge work decisions can be made today as you are laser-sharp focused on your work or career. The possibility of fun is just around the corner. Don’t bury your head in the sand, lighten up!

Astrology Event:

Mars and Venus in Taurus (planet of ambition and planet of love on pleasure-seeking Taurus)

Moon in Libra (fair and justice)

Squares the Sun in Capricorn (hard work)

It’s the best time to:

Don’t just focus on one thing, try to have fun and relax at the end of the day by celebrating your small victories. Meet new people and be with those who will support your journey with unconditional love – without a bit of envy or jealousy.

Thursday, January 7th: Let go of any burden

On Thursday, you need to let go of the notion that you are always right. Let go of any thinking patterns and behaviors that ruin your positive inner transformation. Discipline is your greatest ally. 

Astrology Event:

Moon in Scorpio (deep feelings, control)

Scorpio in the same axis as Taurus (practicality and control)

It’s the best time to:

Be gentle to yourself, you have such great goals and it can be overwhelming. Take time to prepare a new routine that prioritizes your happiness, peace, and your goals without it being a burden. 

Friday, January 8th: Equip yourself

On Friday,  you want to figure out how you can reach your goals. Equip yourself with as much information as you can to trigger an epiphany moment. You are aligned with your goals and you have the perfect energy to follow through. 

Astrology Event:

Mercury goes in Aquarius (communication, way you think)

Venus goes into Capricorn (love and hard work)

It’s the best time to:

Make your dreams a reality in a practical way, it is the one day of the week you can turn everything around for the better. You have the full permission to become your highest self on this day.

Saturday, January 9th: You are a magical being

On Saturday, enjoy yourself, appreciate your freedom as well as the many things you can do to be happy. You will be focused on a flow of positive energy that gives off a relaxing balanced vibe.

Astrology Event:

Moon in Sagitarrius (jovial, light-hearted)

Venus in Capricorn (love planet, hard worker)

It’s the best time to:

Don’t hold back when it comes to pursuing your bliss. We are only given one life, enjoy it while you can. Set intentions, live positively and live freely!

Sunday, January 10th: Find your inspiration

On Sunday, you can find inspiration to see the world in your own unique way. Your imagination is on fire and Saggittarius will bring out your adventurous side. 

Astrology Event:

Moon in Sagitarrius (jovial, light-hearted)

Square Neptune in Pisces (ability to dream, your intuition)

It’s the best time to:

Tap into your imagination and follow your intuition as they are both very powerful on this day. With the optimistic nature of Sagittarius, nothing can go wrong. 

Remember that you are on a lifelong mission and everything you do stems down to building your future. 

In Closing

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Carline Gutierrez

Carline Gutierrez

Carline Gutierrez is a Feng Shui advisor and Spiritual blogger. Dedicated to enchant readers and guide them to the path of finding their intrinsic self, getting self-fulfillment and prosperity