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Your 2021 Predictions According to Your Zodiac Sign

If you’ve read our article posted on December 2020 about The Great Conjunction of 2020 then you must know that it marks the beginning of a new era – where Jupiter and Saturn aligned in the air sign of Aquarius.

This means there’s an energy of innovation and change because this is what Aquarius is all about  -you will be looking to innovate within yourself or events happening around you.

You may feel like you want to be a better version of yourself this year, you want to do things differently, like a total upgrade “YOU 2.0” 

You will be easer to clean up your clutter and organize your finances or get a planner for the first time in your life – and this time you know that you actually need it.

But isn’t that what people always say during the start of a New Year? There’s no doubt about that, but this time you are actually supported by the Universe. Because of the Great Conjunction in the sign of innovative Aquarius, not only that, we are also in Capricorn season! Capricorn’s traits are hardworking, reliable and an achiever.

See what I mean about the Universe being on your side?

The truth is, we are all entering a period of transformation and profound self-awareness. 

So let’s begin with your new year’s resolution according to your zodiac sign…

Note that these are based on your Zodiac’s traits and it may or may not resonate with you.


You always lead the way and never stop until everything is done, it is your innate personality to be in charge. You have worked so hard the past year and this year your resolution is to pay more attention to your health. Sleep more and live a healthy lifestyle!


Your calm demeanor is the opposite of the fiesty Aries, you choose to do things slowly yet surely. You value stability and dislike upheaval. The past year has surely been tough on you even if you stayed silent about it. Your new year’s resolution would be to find a new interest. Focus on your bliss, have fun, and live your life to the fullest.


Of all the signs you are the most outgoing, sociable, and communicative. You are always in current need of stimulation. But have you ever listened to your inner voice? Spend more time with yourself today, listen to your thoughts. Have a social media time out and meditate more. Prioritize your mental health this year.


You are an emotional being, you are sensitive yet tenacious. This year you should try to be more social. Don’t put up your walls and try to let someone take a peek beneath your hard shell. Meet new people, make new friends this year.


You are fun, outgoing, and an extrovert like Gemini. You go all out when it comes to exciting activities that you sometimes forget about your limits. You are also quite fashionable and sometimes you shop until you drop. So this year your resolution is to keep track of your finances, don’t spend too much on luxury items, and find ways to save.


You are resourceful and organized, you don’t like things messy. You like to be part of a team and accomplishing tasks, which makes you prone to stress and pressure. So this year your resolution should be is to practice self-care. Visit the spa or get a massage once a month, schedule a self-care day. Meditate, exercise, and eat healthy meals to achieve mind-body balance.


Diplomacy is your game, you like symmetry and balance. If there’s one negative trait about you would be not being true to what you truly feel. Embrace your emotions this year and learn the art of moving on. Let go of all the grudges that weigh you down and those negative emotions that no longer serve you. Self-love and forgiveness should be your theme for this year.


You are the sign of passion, a master of self-control. You are resilient and can survive any storm. You are also known for your sensitivity and deep intuition. This year explore the depths of your soul and try journaling, writing, or anything that will stimulate your thoughts. Get a planner or a journal and make writing your outlet this year.


You are the most optimistic person in the room, you are a wanderer and you absolutely hate the feeling of being constrained. You need movement and adventure because lack of it may result in a loss of meaning in your life. Try to travel as much as possible. If you are not able to do this, explore cooking different recipes from places you’ve been before. Relive those moments.


You always play by the rules, you are extremely reliable and hard working. You keep your eye on the prize and you work patiently with great endurance. This year your resolution is to take care of yourself. Join a gym class or establish a new workout routine. Revamp the way you consume your meals. You deserve to pamper yourself.


You are a humanitarian, you are compassionate and always looking to make a difference in the world. You want a positive change not just for yourself but for the world. Find your advocacy this year. Voice out your opinions on matters you are passionate about. If you do have advocacy, volunteer more, or learn more about it on how you can contribute more by research and study. 


You love being in your comfort zone, me-time is immaculate for you. Sometimes you don’t get to try new things because it’s just way outside your comfort zone. This year try to explore more, try to do things that you haven’t done before. Things that terrify or excite you. You’ll never know, you may have the best experience in your entire life. 

In Closing

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Carline Gutierrez

Carline Gutierrez

Carline Gutierrez is a Feng Shui advisor and Spiritual blogger. Dedicated to enchant readers and guide them to the path of finding their intrinsic self, getting self-fulfillment and prosperity


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