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6 Important Dates to Look Out For In Aquarius Season

Aquarius season is all about evolution, compassion, justice, and your humanitarian side. Aquarius can be innovative and at the same time, it can also be stubborn. 

This season, Aquarius influence will also be affected by the planetary events and you should be aware about this because it won’t be easy. 

It’s also better to have knowledge and be prepared for what’s coming good or bad.

Here are powerful dates to remember this Aquarius season:

January 23rd – Venus in Capricorn sextile Neptune in Pisces

When love planet Venus joins dreamy Neptune. It is both a time of love, romance, and manifestation. 

Whether it’s love for money or luxury or love as in romance, it’s a great day to gain them all. Venus in the sign of Capricorn means that you will do what’s needed to be done. 

While Neptune in the sign of Pisces will amplify your creativity and intuition. 

What this means: Today is a powerful day to manifest and do your dream work. Capricorn will give you motivation and Pisces will provide you with creativity and inspiration.

What you should do:

Do you already have a dream board? If not, why not make one today? Visualization is a powerful practice of manifestation and it is more powerful when you make it tangible, by writing them down on a piece of paper, or printing it.

Practice the scenarios in your head and imagine already having them.

What you should avoid:

Take action and set your plans in motion, avoid getting lost in the dream state. Visualize then take action. Ask yourself “How can you achieve it?” There are no wrong answers here.

January 28th – Venus in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn:

Venus the planet of love and affection connects with Pluto the planet of rebirth, infatuation, and discovery. 

Pluto is also sexually explorative and finds pleasure in pain, bordering on masochistic. 

This can manifest in several ways – you may find yourself in a situation where you want to be in control or the other way around. It’s all about powerplay and you will be enjoying it. However, you may or may not regret it later.

What this means: You are in self-exploration mode when it comes to your emotions and intimacy.  It will be all or nothing. Jealousy might also arise between you and your partner.

What you should do:

Savor this loving passionate energy by giving into your vulnerability. Tap into real intimacy today and just let go.

What you should avoid:

Don’t be blinded by power and resort to manipulative behaviors. You will feel an incredible high when you’re in control but once this energy dissipates, you will regret it. You will then question your morality. 

February 1st – Venus enters Aquarius

Finally, the love planet Venus is on the innovative sign of Aquarius focusing on your dreams and desires. The past few weeks was on the sign of Capricorn which means work work work!

This time you will get to relax and focus on evolution, without feeling pressured.

What you should do:

Aquarius is visionary, and forward-thinking. It will be a great day to see how your future could be. There will be an intense shift towards the life that you desire. 

You may allow yourself to be removed in the tangible realm, get lost in your thoughts and into the future you want. Do this in the form of meditation.

Your highest self will show you what you want to see.

I have an idea for you, write down 5 things you want to change in the next 12 months. Whether change within yourself or the world around you.

Doing so will help you receive the divine insight and guidance you seek when it comes to some issues in your life.

The signs may not be visible at first but it is there. Open your eyes and mind to synchronicities.

February 8th – Sun in Aquarius conjunct Mercury in Aquarius

The Sun or our life force forms a conjunction with the planet of ideas and communication Mercury. 

This means that your mind and heart will finally agree, and your emotions will compromise with logic.

The sun will shed some light on your existing problems and you will gain clarity. 

You will be able to put it into words and share what you truly feel about a certain person or situation. There will be brand new confidence when it comes to self-expression.

What you should do:

Grab your journal and write all your thoughts and feelings. Just unload them without judgment or hesitation.

Next, write your intentions, release your self-doubts and negative thoughts. 

It could be “I no longer want to be a prisoner of the past. I am releasing myself from my negative habits.” 

Or any other thoughts that has been bothering you that you can’t say to anyone.

Then, say this mantra: “I am free and I am releasing all my burden.“ 

February 11 – Venus in Aquarius conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius

The love planet Venus conjuncts with lucky and expansive planet Jupiter and this is great news!

This conjunction will encourage you to give in and indulge in the pleasures of life. Do you find pleasure in shopping? Or spending a day with your loved ones? 

What you should do:

Seek pleasure on this day because it will be all about it. 

You’ll also find it easier to express your deep feelings towards your partner. 

Does making money bring you pleasure? Do this exercise that goes along with our theme “forward-thinking Aquarius”

Take a photo of your bank account. Next edit them on your phone, draw over what number it is that you’d really like to see.

Does vanity bring you pleasure? Go ahead and book that facial or that eyebrow embroidery you’ve been thinking about.

In Closing

February 14—Mercury in Aquarius conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius

Get ready for expansion when Mercury planet of communication and ideas meet with expansive and abundant Jupiter.

You will seek intellectual stimulation because your mind is at its sharpest.

This day will bring you luck and prosperity and the way to get it is through communication. 

This could mean that you may meet new people and have a conversation with them that will reach a breakthrough. Perhaps a new job or a new project! Who knows? 

Nothing is impossible on this day because Jupiter the lucky planet is on your side! And it goes along with Aquarius the innovator.

Keep your mind open today and never say no to a healthy intellectual banter. You’ll never know who’s listening, or maybe the person you’re talking to might be the key to your success.

Since the theme for this season is forward-thinking, why don’t you take a peek at what’s waiting for you in the next six months?

Open this time-sensitive reading that will reveal intimate details about you and the days, weeks, and months to come. 

As I’ve mentioned above,  it’s better to have the knowledge and be prepared for what’s coming…

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