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Forecast For February 2021: How It Affects Your Zodiac Sign

If January is about new beginnings and turning over a new leaf. What awaits you this February?

As it turns out, in Numerology the number 2 represents “duality” in its purest form, which means that vibrational energy will be present in both your physical and emotional needs. 

To put it simply, number two represents your actions; the result of a decision created by your mind, body and soul.

An example of duality is Ego/Higher Self, Physical/Spiritual.

Your physical body in the physical realm and your spiritual form in the spiritual realm will be unified and in harmony.

Number 2 also corresponds to altruism and love.

That’s why February is a month of love – love for yourself, your peers, your family, and all of mankind.

Since number 2 is about duality, February is a month where you will seek to maintain stability in your life.

This could be your love life, your finances, your career. 

You will sometimes catch yourself asking “Where do I go from here?” “What do I need to do to maintain or improve my stability?’

  • February is also a month of purification.

Here’s why:

During ancient times there was an annual purification festival that took place during the Lupercal in Rome. 

Since then February has been dedicated to being a month of purification. 

Think about it, December and January and the months leading before them are full of preparations, planning, and festivities. 

Now that all the festivities are over, it’s time to focus on revitalizing your mind, body and soul. 

It’s time to flush out all the negativities you’ve experienced and cut ties with toxic people you have come in contact with and really start anew in preparation for the subsequent months of the year.

It is a month of transformation, to recharge your batteries. To replace the stagnant energies you’ve been keeping within you with positive vibrations.  

It is a call for a change of air that your inner life breathes. 

Once you have purified your soul, you will begin to enjoy new pleasant energies for the coming months.

As if that’s not enough, the number two signifies your power in both the physical and spiritual realm. It is a period when the two meet and achieve balance.

The energy that this month brings is both feminine and viscous.

It symbolizes diplomacy and partnership but you must first discover duality to achieve harmony. 

It’s like your worst and best qualities coming together – compromising of inner wisdom, and a silent understanding only you can fathom.

Your inner emotions, appreciating the balance of your life. The challenges you must face and the lessons you must learn to achieve a life of gratefulness.

All of these will come rushing to you in one big whoop of realization this month of February. 

Auspicious Days in February:

February 11th 15th, 20th, and 24th.  

  • On these days you are most likely to claim your karmic rewards. Choose these days when making an important decision.

However, do note that we are still on a Mercury Retrograde which means that communication will somehow be affected. Double-check every document, email, or communication before deciding on doing anything. 

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius – The sign of innovation and self-improvement can be a rebel at times. 

Ruled by the planet Uranus – the planet of unexpected. 

Stone: Amethyst – the universal healing stone, a stone of growth and personal development 

Element: Water – represents emotion and intuition

What you should do:

Devote this month to purification, as it should.

Write a list of cleansing activities for your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Here are some examples:

For your Physical health

  • Connect your physical body to your mind through Yoga.
  • Sit in nature and start journaling. 
  • Do some stretches in the outdoors. 
  • Take long walks in nature. 
  • End toxic physical activities that do more harm than good such as vices; alcohol, smoking, staying up late, procrastinating.
  • You’ll feel more relaxed when you are your best version. 

For your Mental health

  • Connect with your highest self through Meditation
  • Stay in the present and be mindful. 
  • Be generous and practice gratitude. 
  • End toxic habits. 
  • Stop overthinking. Just let go, relax and let things be. 

For your emotional health

  • Get a piece of paper, write down all your negative emotions. All the hate all the fury.
  • And burn it! 
  • Make peace with your thoughts so you can move forward.


In Closing

February may be the first time you are getting your first breath of fresh air. 

We all know how last year went, it was full of upheavals and emotional turmoil. And right now everything is falling into place.

Your new year’s resolution may be incorporated in your lifestyle right now or maybe you are still trying to reach them one after the other. 

Or you may have dropped along the way? 

Either way, it’s never too late to begin again and the good news is – this February you have a perfect chance.

To more good news,  February 12th marks the Lunar New Year!

The official transition from Year of the Metal Rat to Year of the Metal Ox begins and here’s what you need to do before that happens:

Open this special Metal Oxpicious reading prepared for you

This will unlock all what is hidden in your animal sign, now you must the courage to prepare yourself to what’s coming.

And most importantly, position your self in the receiving end of things and finally get what you truly want in life this year!

It’s now time for you to be in “sync” with the Metal Ox’s energies.

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