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Pisces Season 2021: A Time To Dream

We still have until the 20th of March for Pisces season and you have to maximize its wonderful creative energy. Because it may just transform your circumstances, wherever you may be in life now.

Well let’s get to know Pisces – she is intuitive, dreamy, creative, sensitive, whimsical, like your grade school classmate who always dreamed about making it big when you grow up.

It is emotionally intense, it is after all a water sign ruled by the planet of Neptune.

This makes Pisces also an unpredictable sign, so you really have to get to the bottom of their feelings. However, it’s not always about feelings for Pisces.

Since they are the last sign in the Zodiac, everything comes full circle. 

They have all the wisdom all rolled into one gigantic lightning ball, and that is where they draw creativity from.

Now, why are we talking about the Pisces energy again when we’ve already talked about this last week?

You see, we cannot emphasize enough how powerful and transcendental this season is. 

This could be it, this week, next week, one of these days. One huge opportunity might come knocking on your door and it might be, it just might be your breakthrough. The opportunity of a lifetime. 

And believe me, you’ll know. 

Because Pisces does not only give you creativity, she also gives you incredibly amplified intuition. I’m talking about laser-sharp focus and close to superpower manifestation abilities.

Here’s how to maximize your intuition, creativity, and vision this Pisces season.

  1. Don’t fight it 

Don’t be a party pooper, when someone offers you a project or a business idea – listen. 

You don’t have to jump on it right away. Just go with the flow. Pisces can be a bit dramatic so whatever happens – just keep swimming. 

  • Express your feelings nonchalantly

Pisces are big on feelings and when you just let yourself feel, whatever it is you may be feeling inside. You will gain freedom. Be open to vulnerability, be open to love of all kinds.

  • Acknowledge your highest self

Here’s where it gets really interesting, your highest self is your inner wisdom or your intuition.

Pisces shall bring out the strongest of your senses and it doesn’t matter if you’re a nonbeliever or a psychic.

Think of your inner wisdom as a spiritual compass, as a trusted friend who only has your best interest at heart. Expect vivid dreams, patterns, repeating numbers. Go ahead and look up the meaning of your dream the moment you wake up before you forget them!

Accept and acknowledge that you have the power inside you and there are divine messages that are sliding into your dreams as you sleep.

  • Retain your inner balance

As hard as it may seem, you should not let your emotions take over you. 

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  • Look at hurdles as a window for growth

Small challenges may bring you down instantly, they may also confuse you. “I thought this is the one, I thought this is my big break?”

This may still be it, but you have to know how emotional and dramatic Pisces can be that a mini setback may feel like the end of the world.

When you feel this. Just stop and think for a second. 

Retrace your steps and go back to numbers 3 and 4. These are just small hurdles that will allow you to discover more about yourself so you can grow further as a person.

  • Be in the NOW

It is pretty easy to get caught up in the details of your dreams, visions, and imagination because of Pisces’ character trait. You can get swept away by how far your visualization goes or how seriously heartbroken you are because of a slight hiccup you encountered. 

But you are you, and you are in control – when you are in the present moment.

Practice mindfulness as much as you can each day. It will be as easy as putting your phone down, closing your eyes, and just focusing on your breath and the sensations that you feel.

Think of your newfound creativity as your armor

Are you ready for the most transformative, most creative, most transcendental season of the year?

Dreamy Pisces offers an overflowing supply of creative potential. Make sure to list your ideas down, Your flow would be unbelievable, like a free-flowing river of ideas.

Empower yourself with these ideas and believe that one of them has the power to change your life and has the potential to transform you spiritually, mentally, physically, energetically.


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