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Are You Ascending into the 5th Dimension?

What is the 5d Ascension?

The letter D after the number represents the level of consciousness in a dimension.

A dimension is not a place but a state of consciousness. 

A certain frequency where you are in. A greater frequency of energy is creating a heavy shift into 5D consciousness. 

This means we can evolve from 3D into the 4th and 5th dimensions.

Don’t worry because I’m going to simplify everything for you in this article.

When did this happen?

On December 21st, 2012, the planets in our solar system including the Moon and the Sun

Went into perfect alignment which only happens every 5125 years. 

This created a major shift in consciousness.

What level of consciousness are we in?

Our default as humans is in 3D consciousness.

3D consciousness is: 

  • Always confronted with feelings of fear, self-doubt, lack of unity, lack of connection to oneself, suffering
  • Work hard to earn more, being trapped in time and space.
  • 3D is a perspective where everything is in a purely physical state (tangible). 
  • You identify yourself as someone as your own, as an individual, separate from others. 
  • It is the rat race, survival, people are in a hierarchy of the rich and poor based on material objects, money, and status. 
  • There is the duality perception: good and bad.
  • A scarcity mindset, the thought that there are not enough resources in the world for everyone.
  • Antiquated values. You think the reality is just that, and you cannot change it unless you do back-breaking work.
  • You believe that everything is just a coincidence and you are satisfied with your wisdom. Hence, you no longer want to dig deeper.
  • Slower manifestations and energy blocks.
  • Fear to give unconditionally, you think that pain and suffering are constant in this world when you give your all. Whether it’s love, affection, anything.

Shifting to the 4D

4D is the stepping stone to 5D, this means you are closer to ascension.

In 4D you have powerful and moving thoughts and you are no longer tied to your old beliefs on how reality is perceived. The belief in duality, pure and evil is still present.

However, there are increased compassion and awareness and less judgment.

  • You are taking care of yourself. You are aware of low vibe diets, high-frequency food, high vibe media, practically all that your mind and body consume. 
  • You have now the desire to seek deeper wisdom and purpose and how your actions affect those around you.
  • You focus more on what you can contribute to the good of mankind and be of service to others.
  • You are receptive, expansive, and open to endless possibilities.
  • You view your potential and strength as something that is unlimited

The period of instant gratification that we now have has diminished the concept of ‘time’.

4D was actually reached in 2010 and since then you’ve been prepared for 5D (the spiritual dimension or reality of spirit). 

Hence, it’s the reason why there is an emerging interest for people who Meditate, do yoga, affirmations, and collect energy crystals.

This is how it feels when you’re in 4D and you return to 3D state: you will quickly revert back to 4D and quickly escape the distress and suffering in 3D.

When you have already shifted and vibrated higher, there’s no way to go but up. 

Even if you’ve been confronted with darkness. You might fall into the abyss but you’ll come back once again to a higher dimension because that’s not who you are anymore.

Your eyes are now wide open!

5D level consciousness

Here’s what happens when you move into 5D:

  • You will experience oneness, you will feel the vibration of being “one with nature”, with everyone else, it’s like you’re a part of a movement.
  • There’s no other way to love but unconditionally
  • Your manifestations will come at a faster rate as if you have a direct energetic connection with the universe.
  • You would feel the energy of the divine supporting you
  • Your dreams and soul’s purpose will come to be realized.
  • You will see only one force acting towards your highest good.
  • Intuitive thinking will be the new norm and your identity will be soul-based.

How to move into 5D consciousness

  • You must surrender your old beliefs and be open and receptive to new thought patterns.
  • Fight the urge to have the scarcity mindset – this is the hardest part. Positive affirmations.
  • You must make an effort or the energy in balancing work to realign and activate your 5d consciousness. Prayer and meditation is a great practice. 
  • Meditation can activate your frequency that can be directed to the pineal gland (your third eye within your brain)

Meditation stimulates and activates the Pineal gland.

When the Pineal gland is activated you will feel a deeper connection to the divine, to your highest self.

You will have increased focus, clarity, intuition, and eagerness to embrace the 5D consciousness and escape the 3D consciousness. This is what will start your journey to 5D.

The pineal gland can harden or calcify, to prevent this from happening you must:

  • Drink pure water at all times 
  • Consume high vibe foods (organic, plant-based) 
  • Be in touch with nature to breathe fresh air
  • Boost your immune system through a well-balanced diet and exercise 
  • Relieve stress by having an outlet.

How do you know if you are already ascending from 3D to 5D?

Note: This may be similar to some symptoms of any disease, it’s better to seek help from a medical professional if you feel all the physical symptoms to rule out an illness.

Physical Symptoms

  • Ringing in the ears, kind of similar to the symptoms of Tinnitus. This is because you are tuning in to the new elevated frequencies. 
  • Waking up during the time where the veil between the spiritual and physical world is lifted (2-4 A.M.)
  • Having vivid dreams of people who already passed, dreams of having children you have never met before.
  • Unexplained fatigue and tension headaches
  • Hormonal changes in the woman’s body, period, and mood changes
  • Dizziness
  • Flickering objects and optical illusion, this means your eyes are adapting to your new frequencies of clairvoyance.
  • Tingling sensation around the body, sort of like a stronger static electricity 

According to spiritual teachers and experts, there has been a united or massive movement to 5D or ascension that has been building upon our planet since June 2019. But this is something that I cannot confirm myself.

This is only a fraction of what’s really happening in our energy field, in our entire universe and in our individual souls.

How about you? Do you feel the shift? Are you aware of working with your spiritual reality?

No matter what dimension you are in now, it is important to retain your inner balance to keep vibrating higher!

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