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Libra Full Moon Mantra 2021 for Your Zodiac Sign

This coming Sunday the 28th, you will be witnessing the full moon in idealistic and diplomatic Libra. This means that this will be a great time to explore the depth of your relationships and how you can express yourself openly regarding your challenges. Libra, the diplomatic or the “peacemaker” will inspire you to iron out disagreements with family members and close friends. 

You will only achieve compromise and peace if you put all your issues out into the table immerse yourself in Libra’s peaceful calming energy. However, despite Libra’s calming influence, you should expect a little shake-up in your emotions. 

Here’s why: the Full moon Libra in diplomatic Libra will be opposed to Venus (planet of love) and Chiron (the wounded healer) Some big emotions could come out of the surface during the confrontation, hurtful words can be said during the process.

Find the middle ground based on what you want and what the other party wants. Let this full moon be the catalyst for healing all wounds.

Here’s a Full Moon Mantra according to your Zodiac:


“I will listen before I speak. I will focus on my relationships.” 

Find a healthy balance between your work and your relationships. Find time to sit in silence and to let your thoughts flow. Spend time with your family and listen to how their days went without judgment.  



“I will find a balance between work and self-care.”

It seems like your daily routine is wearing you out. Find the right balance between freedom and work. Establish some healthy habits for your optimal well-being. Eat healthy meals, sleep on time, and have a restful sleep.


“I will be open for love”

Let sparks fly into your love life Gemini, now’s the time to keep the fire burning if you’re in a relationship and if you’re single, the odds are in your favor in finding your soul mate.


“I will slow down and find balance in my personal life and I will listen to my soul’s desires.”

Just like Gemini, you’ve been working non-stop and this time with Libra’s energy, you are encouraged to listen to your inner self and do things that nourish your soul. Honoring your desires and be gentle with yourself.


“I will choose forgiveness.”

It’s going to be a busy lunation for you dear Leo. You will be making social connections and have the opportunity to iron out any issues in your relationships. Too much pride can cloud your judgment, choose love, choose forgiveness.


“I will give value to my hard-earned money.”

The Libra moon is shining its iridescent light on your finances. Have you been splurging lately? If yes you should spend wisely. 

However, if you’ve been a penny pincher lately maybe it’s time to give in to pleasure and splurge a little.



“I will focus on myself and my inner light”

Have you been paying attention to the needs of others but yourself? This time it’s all about you, Libra. Shine your inner light and follow your desires, wherever they make take you. Be an inspiration to others yet don’t forget to love yourself.



“I will use my awareness to promote peace”

You will be in an advantageous position to help other people make their peace with others. The situation you’ll be in shall allow you to be objective and fair. Proceed with true intentions and use your awareness to promote peace.



“ I will dedicate myself to crushing my goals”

You have been focused on your personal life lately and it’s time to get back into the business.

The Libra moon will urge you to use your exceptional skills and your powerful presence to stand out at work.



“I will follow my dreams no matter what it takes”

This full moon you will be inspired to follow your dreams, even if the process asks you to get spontaneous. You’re for a great surprising adventure. There’s no better time but the present to make your dreams happen, Aquarius. 



“I will set some healthy boundaries for myself”

When you’re knee-deep into your relationships, or any partnership – even friendships.  You may sometimes overlook setting up some healthy boundaries. Respect yourself enough to check on your vulnerability, live authentically, and speak your truth when lines have been crossed.


In Closing

When you’re not in a perfect situation, you have three choices. 

One – you can either close your eyes and look the other way. Two – do something about it.

Three- you can stay calm, pray, lift up all your worries to the higher order, and let go.

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