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Weekly Astrology Forecast: April 12th – April 18th, 2021

This week is going to be fruitful, with some guidance from the Universe. 

Keep walking with your head held high and be filled with confidence. 

See the rest of your reading this week and discover all the wonderful energies that will abound you this week. 

Are you ready for this? Read on…


April 12th: A Time of Relaxation

On Monday, delight in the grounded and relaxing energy.

Astrology Event: 

The moon moves into calming Taurus 

It’s the best time to:

Spend time with nature, this way you’ll find balance and harmony with the world around you. You are gliding through your day, and keep being motivated at work. You’ll also enjoy a very pleasant evening. 


April 13th: Get Into Mediation

On Tuesday, as opposed to the day before, this day is going to be quite stressful 

Astrology Event: 

This is because the Taurus moon is going to cross over Uranus, opposing Saturn.

It’s the best time to:

Step back for a bit, even from job interviews, meetings and negotiations. If you’ll have any, try to stay calm as much as you can. Best thing to do is to take meditations and relaxation before going into these meetings.


April 14th: Celebrate Your Sensuality

On Wednesday, focus on what you’d like to manifest in your relationship and career today. 

Astrology Event: 

Venus moves into Taurus

It’s the best time to:

Be in harmony with your finances and relationships. Also, do practice gratitude, and do not ever sell yourself short. You may play with your sensuality but remember your worth. 


April 15h: Exciting Ideas

On Thursday, expect Gemini to increase its abilities. Be prepared to open communication, and exciting ideas. Jupiter wants to join in the fun by bringing abundance more surprises.  

Astrology Event: 

Moon moves into stimulating Gemini while the sun is shining on Jupiter

It’s the best time to:

Engage in mentally challenging activities. Intriguing conversations are also more than welcome. Just keep calm and try not to succumb to racing thoughts. This is where meditation is best when you 


April 16th: Opportunities 

On Friday, be open to exciting opportunities in your career. Be doubtless, just be believing, for you’ll get chance encounters and it’s a great day for good fortune. 

Astrology Event: 

Assertive Mars is in favorable Jupiter 

It’s the best time to:

Stay positive amidst your challenges for Jupiter will bring you expansive views and abundant energy.


April 17th: Good Vibrations

On Saturday, you’ll be filled with pleasant vibrations, optimism and luck.

Astrology Event: 

Mercury is in harmony with Jupiter and Mars. 

It’s the best time to:

Brainstorm with other people, and express your creative ideas. Don’t hold yourself back. It;s your chance to influence others for good. 


April 18th: Follow Your Instincts

On Sunday, is the day where you’ll feel that you need to encourage negotiations. Brainstorming and bringing forth new ideas.  

Astrology Event: 

The moon today is in Cancer. Mercury aligns with the Sun

It’s the best time to:

Pay attention to any creative thoughts that flow through your mind today. Be open to great insights, and follow your instincts and intuition.

Welcome new ideas! 


In Closing

You’ve been extremely blessed by the Universe. 

People will see your calm confidence and be inspired by it. 

Let it be your empowering energy that you can exude for continuous abundance.

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