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Karmic Debt Number: Your Destiny

Karmic Debt number, sounds creepy right? 

Have you ever wondered what you were in your past life? What debts you owe or what the universe owes you?

Were you a compassionate, generous person in your past life? Or are you going to receive abundant blessings in this life because of your past?

There are FOUR Karmic Debt numbers:13, 14, 16, and 19 and each has different meanings.

In this article, we’re going to teach you how you can calculate your karmic bank and what they really mean.

By the word ‘calculate’ it means we’re going to add some numbers in your life. 

Here’s how:

To examine any karmic “debt” that you may have brought into this lifetime with you, you first have to go back to your date of birth.

For example, if you were born on November 22nd,1988

  1. Add up the year (1 + 9 + 8 + 8) to get 26.
  2. Reduce that to a single digit by adding the two resulting digits together (2 + 6 = 8)
  3. Add the month (11) and the day (22): 8 + 11 + 22 = 41. 

If you are calculating your Life Path number, you′d add 4 + 1 to get 5.

But time, we′re looking for the Karmic Debt Numbers, which are double digits.

If you got the numbers 13, 14, 16, or 19, this means that you have karmic debts! Don’t worry, it’s not always bad news.  


What Does Your Karmic Debt Number Mean?


Karmic Number 13

Karmic Debt number 13 means you were lazy in your past life. 

You went piggybacking on the success of others and in this lifetime, you should break the cycle. 

This also means that you may still have a tendency to become lazy. Taking shortcuts for example, especially when things get hard and a little bit out of your comfort zone.

Challenges are there to help you learn and become a better person. Don’t quit right away, find the determination and the discipline to go on and reach your goals.

It may not always be easy but it will be worth it. 

Find your own success through motivation and determination and, of course, thoughtful 

The good news is, your karmic number entails that you will find a work-life balance. 



Karmic Debt Number 14

There′s a power struggle in your life.

You may think that you have no control over your life. So in turn, you try to control others by meddling.

It could be that in your past life, your sense of freedom, as well as your individuality, was threatened and you felt the need to find balance. 

You’re open to helping people be free from their own fears and inhibitions but make sure that you are not taking away their will to choose.

By imposing your own will and following your own hopes. 


Karmic Debt Number Number 16

You may have ego issues. In your past life, you were a person of authority.

This time your main struggle would be wrestling with your ego. 

You’ll have to learn to set your ego aside, you may not understand but you do have a sense of entitlement that you never knew where it came from. 

Recognition and validation are a great deal to you it’s where you get your fulfillment. 

You don’t take defeat lightly. 

A mistake does not mean you’re a failure, accept defeat and learn from it. Mistakes happen not to bruise your ego but urge you to do better.

In this lifetime you may have to work smart and toughen your ego to succeed. 



Karmic Debt Number 19

In your past life, you used your God-given talent for your own personal gain.


This means that you may have put your feelings and maybe your loved ones aside in exchange for ambition and when you got successful, you also became selfish.

You didn’t use the power you had to help others despite knowing that you can help.

 In this life, you may encounter instances where you will become quite desperate to have something that is not really meant for you. 

Learn to more empathetic and compassionate. Think of how you can help others and not how others can help you. Once you do, good karma will come and your debt will be paid. 

Numbers greatly influence your path in life and they are connected to you on a deeper level, this is something you cannot change but it can help you understand how to navigate your life right now and shed light on your reactions to some situations – as well as your personality. 

At the end of the day, your decisions from now onwards are what matters and these numbers are just guides. 




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