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What To Expect: The Pink Supermoon on 27th of April 2021

Did you know that as the moon swells into full, your soul flows along with it? 

That’s why every full moon is a big deal. 

It rules over your innermost thinking, what you’ve been keeping inside you, your deepest emotions – a part of you that you don’t show others. Your subconscious. 

The moon falls into a zodiac sign every two days which then affects your energy, emotions, and mood. There is so much more to learn about the moon, it has a profound influence on each one of us. 

It creates amazing miracles that defy reasoning, that’s why it’s important to have your new moon and full moon wishes, that’s why there’s moon bathing, and bathing your crystals under the moonlight. 

The moon is extremely powerful I cannot even begin to explain.

Now let’s dive into the point of this article, what is the meaning of the Pink Super Moon this coming April 26th?

  • It is on the fixed water sign of Scorpio, this means it will bring issues up to the surface as well as illuminate your current situation for you.

Imagine this full moon opening up your eyes making you realize what matters and pushing you to take action towards emotional and personal growth. 

This is because Assertive Mars and rebellious Uranus aspect the Scorpio Pink moon.

More about the Pink Super moon…

Why is it called “The Pink Moon”?

It represents the coming of Spring derived from the herb moss pink.

Which is native to eastern North America, it blooms in early spring. The moon is will not actually be pink. It is just a term coined as the full moon in spring. 

It has different names originating from different cultures namely: Native American, Colonial American, and European traditions.

Let’s talk about how this Pink Super moon will affect you…

Have you been keeping a secret? Or have you been hiding your real feelings about an opinion or a decision between you and your partner?

  • Expect things to blow up and to finally address what’s been brewing beneath the surface.
  • You will be at a crossroads and it brings about fascinating sudden realizations. Life-altering realizations that could rewrite your future. 
  • You might realize that you may have done the wrong thing and you wanted a do-over, this could be about your love life or your career. 

Whichever it is, live your life to the fullest and don’t look back. 

Go ahead, chase your bliss because you, yes, YOU are responsible for your own happiness. Not your parents, not your partner not your friends. 

Think of your life as if it’s inside a snow globe, look at it with a fresh perspective.

Like an outsider looking in.  It is how you can get your answers to the most pressing questions you have right now. 

Use this powerful Scorpio zodiac energy to your advantage and release your innermost feelings by shifting your perspective.

This Full Moon is the first of two super moons for 2021, make it count! 

The Pink Moon will show its magnificent beauty at 11:31 p.m. EST

Here are some activities to maximize the full moon energy this coming 27th!


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