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Taurus Season: Gratitude and Healing

Taurus season is a season of gratitude and giving and with Mother’s Day approaching this coming Sunday.

It is a great time to show gratitude and love to your parents especially your moms.

There are many lessons to learn in this lifetime. Learning to be grateful is one of them. Being appreciative for people, things and circumstances in your life creates good karmic energy. Oftentimes we forget to be thankful.

The Universe recognizes the energy when you are grateful.

And the vibration of your energy lets the Universe know how much abundance you have in your life.

Here are 5 simple ways to show gratitude to your Mom.

1. Send a text of 10 things you’re grateful for.

Taurus season is all about being grateful, why not send a simple text of 10 things you’re grateful for to your mom.

2. Select a meaningful gift.

When it comes to giving gifts, I try to give something that is personal and caring.

Something that will make my mom feel special, loved, and pampered.

I’ve given her an essential oil diffuser because I know she’ll use it at home and it will bring her happiness—even if I’m not there.

Her favorite scents are lavender and geranium, so I always make sure to bring those over when I see her.

I love Nature’s Truth’s Lavender Essential Oil CreamPeppermint Essential Oil Roll-On, and their new Lavender Essential Oil Bubble Bath.

3. Spend time together.

Sometimes I offer my mom and the other special ladies in my life a private yoga lesson, geared toward their personal needs.

For Mother’s Day, I also love taking my mom out to lunch with my family.

afterward heading to the beach to spend some quality time there with her.

4. Say a prayer.

Saying a prayer for your mom, and all the amazing women in your life—along with stretching that circle further to all the women in the world,

wishing them health, happiness, and blessings—is an amazing, uplifting, and internal way of showing gratitude.

Especially if your family is long-distance.

5. Write a handwritten card.

I’ve learned it’s the gifts that come from love and thoughtfulness that always bring the most joy.

Usually I write a beautiful handwritten card telling my mom how much I love her, and it’s the best gift of all.


Have a chakra balancing activity 

Taurus being an earth sign, balancing your chakras and being with nature will bring out blissful vibes for yourself as well as your mom.

Being a mom takes a toll on your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

And the thing is this will later manifest on unbalanced chakras.

Balancing your Chakras on mother’s day is a great gift for you!

To wipe your slate clean of any toxic debris.

In Closing:

You are the light that guides your family through the darkness and you have the love that fills countless hearts and helps keep them moving.

You are the eternal beauty the world needs.

Happy mothers day to all of you magnificent women. You simply deserve all what’s amazing in life!

A mom works 24 hours a day – devoting her life to her children.

She is an inhouse cook, a cleaner, a teacher, a nurse, her children’s biggest cheerleader, there’s no holidays or rest days for her.

Her sacrifices are bigger than her expectations of her children, and despite everything – she dreams of her children’s success.

A mothers love is unconditional that even if their children don’t succeed she will still love them and be proud of them.

If your Mom is still around, wow is your time to give back because on the 12th of May, you will treat her like a queen that she truly is.

This is one day of the year where you can show your gratitude for all their sacrifices to make you secure, safe and well.

If you’re a mom yourself I know you do so much for your family that you even forget about yourself. 

If you’re a mom, you’re a queen and you deserve to be pampered with all the love on mother’s day!

Give your mom/or yourself something that can easily turn your life around.

Your very own protection from negative forces and your very own wealth magnet – which may open opportunities for you.

Just click here when you’re ready to claim it ok? It’s a Beautiful Color Changing Double-headed Dragon that we give our readers for FREE and they just pay for shipping.

Once again, Happy Mother’s Day and may you have a meaningful Taurus season!

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