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Weekly Astrology Forecast: May 10th – May 16th, 2021

Hey there spiritual seeker, 

This week is the dream week of entrepreneurs and business owners. 

There are two days in this week that are absolutely auspicious for business!

Everything is working out for your highest good starting this week. 

May 10th: Get ready for a rollercoaster ride

On Monday, get ready for a rollercoaster ride. There will be both emotional excitement and upsets. Your can turn from vibrantly positive to a debbie downer quickly. 

Astrology Event:

Moon is in pleasure-seeking Taurus, crossing over spontaneous Uranus 

It’s the best time to:

Don’t take things too seriously today as everything can change. Don’t expect, just go with the flow. Test your resilience by not giving in to your emotions. 


May 11th: New Moon in Taurus 

On Tuesday create a list of new moon wishes. The new moon in Taurus ushers us to new beginnings. 

Have clarity on your desires and work on your inner self on how you can manifest them today. 

Astrology Event:

New Moon in calming Taurus 

It’s the best time to:

Welcome the changes in your life, you might not just know it now but this is what you prayed for. Embrace your breakthrough.


May 12th: Your luck starts today!

On Wednesday, it will be an auspicious day for business deals such as getting your ideal job, client, partners or customers. Everything is in alignment in terms of communication and business. 

Astrology Event:

Moon is in chatty Gemini 

Mercury is in harmony with planet of structure Saturn 

It’s the best time to:

Welcome growth, be bold, be brave – know within yourself that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Don’t lose sight of your vision, hold it deeply and trust the process.


May 13th: It’s still your lucky day!

On Thursday, prosperity from the day before will still carry on. It will still be a great day to work on your business, your goals and your desires. ‘ 

It is a great day to start something new, a new project, a new goal, a new business or a new job.  

Astrology Event:

Chatty Gemini Moon is in harmony with structured Saturn 

It’s the best time to:

Create your vision board on this day as you are blessed with clarity and luck! While you’re at it, reconnect with your connections that may possibly help you with your upcoming new projects. 


May 14th:Moon is void of course 

On Friday, you may feel a cold rush of laziness, don’t beat yourself up if you don’t have the motivation to get out of bed. Try to stick to your routine.  

Astrology Event:

The Moon is void of course  

It’s the best time to:

Meditate or do a light exercise to shake off this feeling.


May 15th: Be spontaneous 

On Saturday, you are urged to explore new ways to have fun, allow your inner self to guide you in your new adventures. 

Astrology Event:

Moon is in sensitive Cancer

In harmony with spontaneous Uranus

It’s the best time to:

Bear in mind that life is an adventure and you gotta have fun while on the journey. Enjoy every moment of your life while you can. Overthinking won’t do you any good – just do it.


May 16th: Understanding and empathy

On Sunday, your environment will be enveloped with compassion, love, empathy and understanding.  It’s a great day to patch things up with family and long lost friends.

Astrology Event:

Sensitive Cancer Moon is in harmony with dreamy Neptune  

Choose love, choose compassion. 


In Closing

Commit to changing and improving your life. You must let go of pain, let go of anguish and the energies that pull you down. 

Just trust the divine process and know that no matter what happens now, you are headed on the right path. 

You will be better equipped to face anything that comes your way and have ease in manifesting more greatness. Manifesting your desires would be so much easier if you have a powerful tool by your side. 

Such as this Color Changing Double-headed Dragon Wealth Magnet – inscribed wealth attraction chants used for thousands of years in ancient China to attract wealth and abundance.

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