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What Is Your True Spirit Animal?

Spirit Animal, what comes into your mind when you hear those words?

Here is some history about it.

Native American traditions believed that, far from being simply wild beasts, animals hold sacred powers within their soul. 

In fact, they are an embodied form of our ancient spiritual guides.

You might not notice but the spiritual realm is always attempting to reach us and inspire us to align with our soul’s true purpose. 

Our guides are constantly sending us messages through mysterious coincidences and powerful symbols.

Animals are part of this wonderful service. Each one of us has a special connection with a spirit animal, and nurturing this relationship will help you find your inner strength and balance in the face of adversity.

Resilience means the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and hardships. Your spirit animal will assist you in tapping your true potential and remembering how to use your most valuable talents.

If you are willing to meet them, they will do their best to manifest themselves to you. 

Whether you run into this particular animal, keep dreaming with it, hear people constantly naming it, or get an image of it from a stranger.

Once you find your spirit animal (or animals!) you’ll navigate life with more confidence and will finally own an inner compass to guide you on the right path.

So, how to make sure you find your spirit animal? Is there an effective way to discover it? 

Yes. There are some hacks that will help you get in contact with them in no time!

1. Start paying attention to your dreams:

This is the key step that will bring you closer to finding unraveling the form of your spirit animal.

Our dreams are the most immediate channel through which these invisible forces communicate with our consciousness.

As soon as you wake up, write the name of the animal that appeared in the dream as well as the setting around it.

2.  Follow a guided meditation:

Guided meditations help you find your spirit animal through the use of symbols and visualizations.

During the meditation, you should visualize yourself going through some danger or trouble, and your spirit animal will appear to help you.

Be sure to do it in a quiet environment where it is safe from disturbance.

3. Think about those animals you always admired.

If there is a particular animal that you’ve always been fond of, or that you share a special connection with, they are probably your spirit animal.

But it has nothing to do with their grace or beauty, the connection must come from the heart and not from a logical reason.

Now that you found your spirit animal, it’s time for tapping into its source of resilience:

Your spirit animal won’t tell you anything you don’t know about yourself. 

There are just there to remind you of those wonderful skills and strengths you already have but you are forgetting to use them in times of trouble.

It can also change during your life and depending on the challenges that you are currently facing.

For example, if your spirit animal is a honey badger, it means that right now you have to fight for the life of your dreams and stop settling for less.

And if your spirit animal is a scorpion, your guides are prompting you to remove those things and persons in life that no longer serve you

A good way to keep your spirit animal present with you is through pictures and images, on your wallet, your clothes, your phone, etc.  

It is also highly recommended to set up an altar in your room to observe them before going to sleep and when you wake up. This will keep the spark of their spirit alive in your heart.

Most popular spirit animals and their source of resilience

Here is a short outline of some well-known spirit animals and their qualities:

Bear: This is one of the most powerful spirit animals. They symbolize strength and endurance, encouraging people to fight for their own.

Butterfly: This animal heralds a time of deep transformation. It prompts you to face these changes with flexibility and to seize the opportunity to say goodbye to those relationships that no longer serve you. 

Cat: Cats represent independence and curiosity. They inspire you to take charge of your life but not by taking hasty moves. Patience will help you notice when it will be the right time to go for it. 

Crow: This is a very mysterious spirit animal and is associated with magic. It helps you become fearless and to regard things from a higher perspective.

Do you feel related to one of these mighty animals and their special message? Well, you may have just found your precious spirit animal.

So don’t wait another minute and delve into the meaning of them during this time of your life, especially if you are going through a rocky stage.

Nothing beats the force of your soul and the message of your invisible guides to overcome your challenges.

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