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What To Expect This Strawberry Full Moon on June 24th, 2021

Did you know that on the 24th we will be experiencing the Full Strawberry moon? If you are an astrology enthusiast like myself, you are probably just as excited!

This will be the last Super Full Moon of 2021 and it’s full of exciting spiritual facts and opportunities, so if you don’t want to miss it – you better read until the end of this article.

It will be a time to buckle up and brace ourselves for a roller coaster of emotions. 

As you might have already heard before, the moon’s influence is so powerful that it has an impact on the high tides and low tides of the oceans.

And what would you know! 

The human body is 60% water. No wonder the moon so strongly affects our moods and interactions!

The movement of this satellite throughout all the zodiac signs and its interaction with the rest of the planets will make a great impact on our desires, focus, and overall purposes.

If the New Moon represents the time to go inward and sow the seeds of our intentions…

The Full Moon is the phase in which those seeds blossom and we can harvest their fruits.

It is the highest peak of emotional intensity, which makes it hard to control our reactions and wild behavior! 

In addition to experiencing incredible mood swings, of course.

So let’s take a good look at this Full Moon in particular.

First of all, it will be in the sign of the committed and hard-working Capricorn. 

The symbol of this zodiac sign is the sea-goat, an animal blessed with deep wisdom and strength from an early age. 

This respectable character encourages us to think about the reasons behind our progress. 

  • Are you committed to a worthwhile purpose, or are you wasting your time on meaningless tasks?
  • How much are you willing to sacrifice to achieve your ultimate goals? 
  • Do you have the patience required to pursue your ambitions?

This Full Moon suggests that you are ready to upgrade your game. 

You are ready to step up and take charge of your circumstances, without asking permission from others.

Capricorn is often associated with the word “authority”, which has a beautiful meaning. 

It comes from the term “author”, inspiring you to quit playing by other people’s rules and become the author of your own life. 

But, of course, this requires effort, responsibility, and commitment! 

A sudden miracle or lucky strike won’t be the answer to your problems. 

If you are fed up with your current conditions, you’ll have to carve your way out with your bare hands. 

Is it going to be challenging? Yes, but the more effort you put in, the better the results will be.

  • This full moon is also going to take place during a solstice, which will be a great opportunity to address those long-standing wounds coming from the past.

Don’t be discouraged. This is the perfect excuse to wipe the slate clean. 

Perhaps, these past experiences are the root cause of your current circumstances, those you are so eager to leave behind. 

After resolving these emotional triggers, you will feel more confident to pursue a new path! 

One that is more in line with your unique gifts and that will become the foundation of a brighter future.

You are even more pumped after this news, aren’t you?


So now that you know what’s coming, I’ll give you a few helpful tips to get the most out of this Strawberry Full Moon.

  • First of all, this is not the day to meet a lot of people and expose yourself to unforeseen events. Clear your schedule of large social engagements and do your best to relax!
  • Finish that movie you started a few months ago, take a long bath, and avoid running into people who seem to be having a bad day.
  • The least of your concern at this time is to be polite and to portray a respectable image.
  • Take care of your emotional well-being and find some balance within to avoid suffering from the many excesses of this Full Moon.
  • Capricorn stands for patience and confidence, so don’t feel anxious if you are not sure where to start! 
  • Just having the intention of putting yourself out there and facing the world with a different approach will be enough for the moment. 

So, as long as you take care of yourself in the process, you can expect great outcomes and a new sense of purpose for this next chapter of your life.



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Maria Fernanda

Maria Fernanda

For nearly 10 years now, I have been writing about the mysteries of astrology and spirituality, with all the beauty and complexity this can entail. I strongly believe that communicating the magic of the symbolic world is also a form of healing.