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Cancer Season 2021 For Every Zodiac Sign

Cancer season begins with full potency on June 21st, 2021 and will end on July 22nd, 2021.

But as early as now you will definitely feel its consequences, regardless of your zodiac sign. 

Mercury is finally out of its retrograde phase after several weeks, boosting your goals and unblocking the communication hindrances that were standing in the way.

While Gemini season meant a lot of movement, new experiences, and social engagements, the season of the crab – Cancer, encourages you to go inward and have some private time to sort out your feelings. 

If we don’t make some room to take in what we’ve learned, our experiences will remain on the surface and we are bound to repeat them again.

 So, the entrance of the Sun in Cancer corresponds with the seasonal change, and triggers a purging process of all the happenings we have been undergoing during the last few weeks or months.

If you are conscious about the lessons this season brings to your life,  you’ll be able to make the most of this period and get ready to manifest your heartfelt intentions in no time.

So keep reading this article to discover the meaning of the Cancer season for each zodiac sign and embrace all the blessings that are about to arise in your life.


You are probably having an eventful couple of weeks, Aries. 

Your ruling planet, Mars, is in the dramatic sign of Leo, encouraging you to be more daring and take the limelight as much as you can! 

However, this kind of exposure might lead you to neglect your emotional needs and private time, and Cancer season will remind you to take care of them. 

If you can join your actions to your emotions, you’ll be able to strengthen your relationships and let go of past grudges.


This season is about to test your mettle, Taurus. 

Uranus is transiting your sign for some years to come, which means it is still in the background urging you to embrace change. 

But change doesn’t imply getting lost, Taurus! 

If you can merge the meaning of volatile Uranus with sensitive Cancer, you’ll understand that home is found in your heart, not in an external location.

Plus, Venus, your ruling planet, will enter expressive Leo, inviting you to step out of your comfort zone and be more daring and authentic.



Your ruling planet, Mercury, represents movement, mental activity, short trips, and multitasking. 

This makes it challenging to focus on your needs and plan your future accordingly. 

Therefore, Cancer season will help you slow down the pace and take care of what’s important, such as your career path and financial stability, thanks to the beautiful trine with Saturn. 

Now that Mercury is no longer in its retrograde phase, your investments will bring sound rewards.


This is your season, Cancer! You are now going to feel more confident and powerful, ready to step up and conquer the world. 

This month will teach you about self-worth, confidence, and endurance.

No one will give you the credit you deserve if you don’t acknowledge it first, Cancer. 

After making a list of all of your accomplishments, you’ll notice a great change in your environment and will naturally find more rewarding relationships.



No matter how beautiful your dreams are, if you don’t have the right support and commitment to achieve them, you’ll never see them through, Leo. 

This is what the Cancer season is coming to teach you, starting with Mars in the sign of Leo opposing hard-working Saturn. 

Team up with diligent people, not those with a bunch of original ideas but who never execute them. 

You already have the passion and creativity required, you just need to meet the right people to help you bring your projects to fruition.



You are a very rational individual who relies on your logical thinking process, Virgo. 

However, Cancer season encourages you to follow your instincts and reconnect with your feelings instead of blindly following external rules. 

Especially with Neptune retrograde, inspiring you to shy away from logic for a while and experience different states of consciousness. 



While you thrive in taking care of others and making them feel comfortable with your presence, Cancer season will get you to be more authentic, whether other people will like it or not. 

Remember that Venus is entering the passionate sign of Leo, prompting you to embrace your unique style and forget about other people’s judgment. 

This will help you balance your personal life and career, as you won’t worry about meeting your boss or clients’ expectations.



External affairs are taking you away from your inner compass, Scorpio. 

Cancer season, especially during the Full moon on June 24, will get you in a more introspective state of mind, which will be very revealing. 

You might realize that you were pursuing a certain path just to please someone else and not because you are passionate about it. 

So focus on what you want and the rest will follow through.



Jupiter is in the spiritual sign of Pisces, shining an intuitive and sensitive light all over your experiences. 

You are known to love adventures and travel to faraway lands, but Cancer season will keep you home. 

With the opening of your sixth sense, you will wander around distant realms without the need to leave the comfort of your bedroom. 

It could be the longest time you spend indoors all year, Sagittarius!


Cancer season brings a full moon in Capricorn on June 24, making you wonder how much support you get from your loved ones.

We all know that you are perfectly capable of doing everything on your own, but if you take help from others, you won’t need to try so hard. 

Doesn’t it sound comforting, Capricorn? Vulnerability is not a weakness, never forget that.



You are not the type to stay at home, taking care of your affairs, and declining the multiple invitations you receive every day. 

Maybe your home needs a makeover, Aquarius! If you take care of tidying and cleaning it, you will be willing to invite people over instead of spending all your time outside. 

A pleasing house translates into a peaceful state of mind.


Jupiter in Pisces is making a positive aspect to the Sun in Cancer. 

This will encourage you to regard your emotional needs more clearly and to set healthy boundaries in your relationships. 

You don’t always have to please others to sustain your bonds. 

The people who truly care about you will love you just the way you are, even if you are having a bad day once in a while.

In Closing

As you can see, the Cancer season brings many lessons and wonderful insights to each of the zodiac signs. 

However, all of these learnings hold an underlying message: to guard your heart and honor your emotional needs. 

There’s nothing wrong with feeling sensitive. 

In fact, our emotions are the most direct way of contacting our intuition and experiencing a more rewarding existence.

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