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Weekly Astrology Forecast: June 28th – July 4th, 2021

Hey there Spiritual Seeker,

Did you witness the Super Full Moon Last week? I have great news for you.

If you’ve made your full moon wishes you’ll be happy to know that we have the moon in dreamy Pisces today, boosting your creativity for manifestation!

We will also be welcoming the first day of July and it starts with the moon in motivated and fiery Aries.

June 28th: Tap into your inner feelings

On Monday, you are urged to tap into your inner feelings as it will create an outpour in your creativity. You create your reality and it starts with creative visualization. 

Astrology Event:

The Moon enters dreamy Pisces 

In harmony with expansive Jupiter

It’s the best time to:

Meditate and open your mind to anything that comes through you, there is no limit to what you can reach. With expansive Jupiter on your side, you can reach usually unattainable heights of meditation.


June 29th: Relinquish

On Tuesday, step outside of your comfort zone and shake things up, listen to your inner wisdom, and allow it to guide you. Let go of fear and doubt as they will only smother you.

Astrology Event:

Dreamy Pisces Moon is in harmony with spontaneous Uranus 

It’s the best time to:

Don’t try to control everything and just let things be, beautiful things start to happen when you let go of control.


June 30th: Stars are in your favor

On Wednesday, the stars will be in your favor for self-reflection and exploring the unknown. Focus on your purpose when you go deep into introspection. Trust that the unknown shall bring unexpected blessings into your life.

Astrology Event:

Dreamy Pisces Moon is in harmony with transformative Pluto 

It’s the best time to:

This will be a great day to get personal readings, tarot card reading, reiki healing, yoga, and Chakra Balancing.

July 1st: Find your center

On Thursday you could be in a strange mood emotionally but you will become self-aware to the habits that are holding you back and some habits that actually hurt you. 

Ambitious Mars rules Aries and there will be passion and aggression.

Whoever comes on your way may meet your not-so-pleasant side. You are prone to anger and irritability. The good thing is you are so focused you could accomplish so much on this day. 

Astrology Event:

The Moon is in fiery Aries
In a hard angle to the Sun in compassionate Cancer.  

It’s the best time to:

Keep your calm and find your center, it doesn’t matter if you accomplish a lot and yet everybody hates you. Find the perfect balance of your emotions. 


July 2nd: Luck will be in your favor

On Friday, it will be a great day for setting up meetings and making executive decisions. You are in a great mood emotionally and mentally compared to the previous day.

Take this opportunity to advance and grow in your career, luck will be in your favor. 

Astrology Event:

Moon still in impatient Aries but also  

will be in harmony with communication Mercury  

It’s the best time to:

Everything you need in order to grow will be at your fingertips allow life to shower you with magnificent blessings. Resolve your conflicts and you will also find peace.


July 3rd: Spread your wings

On Saturday, you’ll want to spread your wings and socialize, as you will be in a cheery mood. You will be in a euphoric state that you might even get clumsy and get injuries. 

Astrology Event:

Moon into calm Taurus  

In harmony with expansive Jupiter 

Ambitious Mars is in a square to spontaneous Uranus. 

It’s the best time to:

Engage not only in conversions but also with physical activities, such as Yoga, stretching, and light exercise.


July 4th: Confusing vibrations, maintain your frequency

On Sunday three male planets will be at a hard angle with the moon. This will bring tension and power struggles during the day.  But as the day turns into night, the universe will be wrapped in calming energy brought on by Taurus.  

Astrology Event:

Taurus Moon’s a difficult angle to Saturn Uranus Mars 

It’s the best time to:

Forgive yourself for doubting your own ability. Focus on staying in your true power and don’t let outer influences dictate your day. Remember it is you who can recreate yourself and your circumstances, no matter what other people try to say about it.


Create your own magical reality and welcome a world of unlimited possibilities.

Now’s the moment to decide on your fate…

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PS: There is so much greatness out there waiting for you, don’t let this opportunity pass you by… 

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