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Weekly Astrology Forecast: July 5th – July 11th, 2021

Dear Spiritual Seeker, 

This first week of July brings both calm and intense energies. There will also be several opportunities to connect with your loved ones – with your inner self and embrace new opportunities. 


July 5th: Slow and steady

On Monday, we start off with a slow and steady energy, which puts us in a calmer mood.

Astrology Event:

The Moon is void of course

It’s the best time to:

Start the week right by finding your center and be aligned with your energies. Think of today as an extension of your weekend, you may continue to recharge. It’s okay if you are not feeling your best today, tomorrow is another day, another chance for new opportunities.


July 6th: Connect socially

On Tuesday, you are encouraged to socialize and connect with people close to your heart. Because sociable Gemini is in harmony with loving Venus, it’s the best time to reconnect and spend a pleasant time with family and friends.

Astrology Event:

The Moon is in chatty Gemini

In harmony with loving Venus

It’s the best time to:

Be your authentic self today, let your inner child come out and play. Express your truths, you are not being judged. This is a day where you can be free from inhibitions. 

July 7th: Bring yourself back 

On Wednesday, you may experience confusing energies. You will feel dazed and distracted on what to do and what to focus on. 

Astrology Event:

Gemini Moon is in a hard angle to dreamy Neptune  

It’s the best time to:

Bring yourself back into alignment by meditating, just feel the moment, be mindful of your emotions and slowly bring yourself back.


July 8th: Surprising visit

On Thursday, when the moon is void of course, this gives you a great opportunity to reflect. Look back on your past month, weeks. What have you done that made you happy and at peace? Can you do it again?

You would also be hearing from a person you knew who was a part of your past. This is a very unexpected and surprising visit that will bring back all kinds of memories.

Astrology Event:

The Moon is void of course 

Pleasure-seeking Venus is going  to be triggering surprising Uranus.  

It’s the best time to:

Take a step back and do some self-introspection today on what new beginnings await you.

July 9th: Allow yourself to bloom

On Friday, you will be drawn to staying closer to home and enjoying precious time with yourself and your family. There might be a family gathering or a party on this day.

Astrology Event:

New Moon in Sensitive Cancer. 

The Cancer Moon, will be confronting transformative Pluto  

The Moon goes into fun Leo later in the afternoon, giving you good vibes of excitement.

It’s the best time to:

Find your bliss and regain your personal power. Allow yourself to bloom into your fullest potential and don’t let outer influences dictate your mood and how you go about your day.


July 10th: Fun and romance

On Saturday, there will be a great chance for romance, fun, socialization and excitement. 

You might meet someone new, or your partner could bring you to a new place that would ignite feelings of passion for both of you. 

Astrology Event:

Moon in fiery and fun Leo

It’s the best time to:

Don’t be afraid to try something new and cover unfamiliar grounds, try to fill your life with amazing discoveries. Experiences that will leave you out of breath because of laughter and awe. Open yourself up to the world and conquer it.

July 11th: An emotional roller coaster ride

On Sunday your mind will be more subjective, yet you will become more  emotional under the sensitive sign of Cancer

It will be an emotional roller coaster kind of day, it starts with you being sensitive, then as the day ends you will get out of your rut and you’ll feel excitement once again. 

Astrology Event:

Moon continues in outgoing Leo  

Communication Mercury is going into nurturing Cancer. 

It’s the best time to:

Take charge of your emotions, you know exactly what you want. Be brave enough to accept it when the opportunity presents itself. Listen to your inner voice, be bold, be honorable.

A stone for “new beginnings” that provides inner growth, confidence and courage to start anew is the best aid you can have in this brand new month. 



A brand new month means chances for new beginnings.

This Serenity Moonstone Pendant is great for people embracing new opportunities and life changes. As well as those who want to feel calmness and ease.

The good news is that the moonstone not only provides new beginnings but also provides luck in love and money as well.

Gradually bring yourself back into the present and light up the fire that connects you with your most passionate self! 

Abundance and blessings await you, and I would like to bless you with the Buck Moon gift for the month of July…

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