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Limiting Beliefs: How To Break Free?

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What are you self-limiting beliefs? Are you one of those who think that life is all about luck? That some very fortunate people are blessed with a beautiful life, while others struggle never to enjoy one?

Then this article is just for you.

You are not the only one who feels like life is passing them by while others take it by the horns.

A lot of people witness great opportunities go down the drain while others become successful with them. 

As if they had no choice but to watch life from the sidelines and passively endure its consequences.

But this is just a clear symptom of someone who’s not tapping into their spirit, who’s not inspired to go further.

Perhaps, you crave to join others and play the exciting game of life! 

But you don’t feel enough courage or connection to your intuition to move forward.

And then you end up frustrated, drained, and unable to recognize how to empower and change your circumstances.


However, you are the designer of your own life! 


But while you keep neglecting your soul’s signs and cling to a limiting set of beliefs, you’ll never take charge of your existence.

If you feel stuck with a negative and inhibited mindset, you’ll keep missing significant opportunities to uncover your talents, meet exciting people, and connect to your higher self.

And, of course, you’ll surround yourself with successful and daring people who are living the life you secretly long for.

But I know you don’t want to feel sorry for yourself and have an unfulfilled existence. 

Instead of watching others do so, you just need to learn how to say “Yes” to life and take in all of the experiences and opportunities coming your way.


Our beliefs shape our reality. 


If you consider the world a dark and scary place, your beliefs will be inhibiting, and your reality will follow them.

But actually, our spirit comes from an infinite source of bliss and creation. 

If you can unlearn your limiting mindsets and direct them towards the abundance of your soul, your life can turn around forever!

Of course, it’s a challenging task, and you’ll find many setbacks along the way. 

So here you have some valuable tips that will help you liberate yourself and enjoy a life worthy of your potential.

  • Stop listening to your limiting thoughts.

Now that you know your thoughts shape your reality, it should be easier not to take them as fixed truths, especially those beliefs that keep you from new experiences.

Your old mindset feels familiar and reliable. You trust it just because it has been with you for a long time. 

Still, this mindset also prevents you from realizing how powerful you  are in building your own experiences.

But, guess what? You can change them for new beliefs and trust them just as you trust the old version of you. 

It takes time and effort, but it’s not impossible.

Notice the stream of limiting and inhibiting thoughts running through your head whenever you try something new. 

Now, instead of buying into them, let them pass you by as if they don’t apply to you.

After you practice this exercise several times, you will notice how weak these thoughts have become, and you will be motivated to keep going.

You’ll soon realize the one in charge is your higher self and not your limiting beliefs.

  • Make your intentions clear.

People with inhibitory thoughts don’t allow themselves to want. 

They are so scared of the consequences that they get used to burying their longings and dreams and conforming to the bare minimum.

If this is your case, you might think you don’t have any ambitions or dreams, but you are wrong! 

Open yourself to new interests, and you’ll notice a gut reaction suggesting there’s something you want.

And instead of denying it, let it be there and follow its lead.

  • Get used to taking action.

Your body takes some time to adjust to your new mindset. 

If you practice changing your beliefs while taking action, the results will be more noticeable and lasting.

If you want to set some boundaries in your work environment, do it.

If you want to break free from your unhealthy habits, start today.

Leave your partner, say to that person you love them, join a dancing class, whatever takes you out of your comfort zone.

Your limiting beliefs and inhibition will try to survive and fight before acknowledging their defeat. 

Make sure to keep your eye on the prize and not give into them!


Keep going regardless of how uncomfortable and scary it feels. Remember that not because something is different means it’s a threat.

You can choose to live a boundless existence. You have the power to experience a more soulful and rewarding life! 

It only takes one first step! 

Your spirit is infinite, and you are the one in charge of deciding what to believe. 

Being a prisoner of your own limiting beliefs is also a manifestation of an energy block, which means yoru Chakras are not flowing properly.


Treats your energetic body.

As it removes all energy blocks and emotional baggage.

Resolving your emotional issues including your anxieties and fears.

Are you ready to break free from your self-limiting beliefs?

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Maria Fernanda

Maria Fernanda

For nearly 10 years now, I have been writing about the mysteries of astrology and spirituality, with all the beauty and complexity this can entail. I strongly believe that communicating the magic of the symbolic world is also a form of healing.



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