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Weekly Astrology Forecast: July 12th – July 18th, 2021

Dear Spiritual Seeker,  This week trust that the Universe is supporting you in your transformation starting today – when the Moon is in fun and exciting Leo favorable with expansive and auspicious Jupiter.  

July 12th: You deserve all the greatness in life

On Monday, we start off the week with pleasant and auspicious energies for travel, leisure, business, and learning. Broaden your horizons and don’t stop looking for reasons to be happy, live a boundless life! Astrology Event: Moon is in exciting Leo, while communication planet Mercury is favorable with expansive Jupiter  It’s the best time to: Everything you’ve wished before is slowly manifesting before your eyes, all that is in store for you is truly meant for you. Open your heart and receive your well deserved blessings today.


July 13th: You are very well favored by the divine

On Tuesday, your love for creativity and passion will reignite once again.  Express what you’re feeling through art, laying out business plans, sound healing, yoga and journaling.   Astrology Event: Loving Venus is aligning with ambitious Mars  It’s the best time to: You can be anyone you want to be today, nothing is impossible when you go outside the bounds of your imagination. Everything you see was once a manifestation of thoughts. Go ahead and manifest your dream life today! You are very well favored by the divine.  

July 14th: Let it flow naturally

On Wednesday, you will be encouraged to make more friends and have great conversations with people. Be confident and be kind, appreciate where you are in your life now. Astrology Event: The Moon in patient Virgo is in harmony with the sensitive Cancer Sun  It’s the best time to: Stay in the moment and let things flow naturally, let friendships form, gain priceless memories and trust the divine timing of your life.

July 15th: Fill up your karmic bank

On Thursday, it’s a great day to pay forward and fill up your karmic bank. You will also be inspired to think of creative ways on how to live your dream. Stay open and don’t limit yourself to anything. Astrology Event: The Moon will be entering into diplomatic Libra Sun in sensitive Cancer is in harmony with dreamy Neptune  It’s the best time to: Surrender to your divine plan and embrace your worth. You will have no idea how much you can attract when you know what you deserve.  

July 16th: Enjoy yourself today

On Friday, you will experience calm and soothing energies that will be perfect for socialization, or a quiet “me-time” for self-reflection.   Either way, you can find this day enjoyable even if you do nothing at all.l You will be at your calmest state. Astrology Event: Moon in diplomatic Libra.  It’s the best time to: Have fun and enjoy yourself today, either with friends or in solitude. Do what your heart desires! This is your day and you are in control.  

July 17th:  Take it slow and steady

On Saturday, the day starts with the moon void of-course, you will experience flat energy in the morning and while the day transcends to night you will then experience major passions. Astrology Event: The Moon will go void of-course  The Moon goes into intense Scorpio as the day commences  The Sun is in opposition with Pluto.  It’s the best time to: Take it slow today, you can accomplish your goals one by one as long as you stay in the present and prioritize what really matters.  

July 18th: You are strong and you can set yourself free!

On Sunday, you might feel jittery and worried because of Scorpio triggering Saturn, which both have intense energies. You will worry about something that you think you cannot change, but you actually can and you will only realize later in the day.  Astrology Event: Moon in intense Scorpio will be at a hard angle to strict Saturn.  Then it will be in opposition with rebellious Uranus later in the day It’s the best time to: You feel that you are a prisoner of your own thoughts but you are the only one who can set you free and you are strong enough to do that. Break away from the invisible ceilings that you have put up for yourself, you are meant to be free and to do so much much more. There’s a sacred message that has been awaiting you for a long time… But due to the planetary alignment it’s been blocked from your ability to hear it. Luckily, all that changed today when expansive Jupiter is on your side, and I urge you to receive this powerful birth reading now before it disappears once more… >>> Listen to your intuition and see into your future inside…  

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