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Weekly Astrology Forecast: August 2nd – August 8th, 2021

Dear Spiritual Seeker, 

The New Moon in the sign of outgoing Leo is getting closer, so the days before this significant event are not the best time to launch new projects. We must bring closure to those schemes and relationships that have already blossomed and have nothing else to offer. 

This is your time to prepare the soil for fresh intentions and exciting new opportunities coming your way!



August 2nd: Live a life worthy of your potential


On Monday, the talkative Moon in Gemini will be in a challenging aspect with passional Mars, prompting you to unleash your inner warrior and fight for what’s yours through your quick wit and sassy comments.


Seize this spirit to let other people know what your true passion is! You are ready to work on what your heart desires, not to follow other people’s designs.


Astrology Event:

Sociable Moon in Gemini is in challenging aspect with impatient Mars.


It’s the best time to:

Work on your personal affairs and tackle those pending errands that are taking up space. Focus on what’s important, and don’t get distracted by meaningless arguments.



August 3rd: Let yourself be inspired

On Tuesday, pleasure-seeking Venus will make a harmonious aspect with creative Uranus, unleashing your innovative spirit and encouraging you to tap into your artistic nature. Don’t think about the results! Be spontaneous and let your inspiration lead the way.


Astrology Event:

Artistic Venus is in harmony with innovative Uranus.


It’s the best time to:

Join a group activity and share your avant-garde ideas with the rest. Don’t forget that you are an inspiring example to follow.


August 4th: Trust the Universe. It got your back!


On Wednesday, the planet that rules our mental process is aspecting the unpredictable Uranus. Get ready to experience a sudden mental breakthrough that will give you new and effective solutions to old struggles.


Also, the harmonious aspect between the sensitive Moon and the expansive Jupiter will guide your way to a positive turn of events, encouraging you to trust in your potential.


Astrology Event:

Communicational Mercury aspects liberating Uranus.

Emotional Moon in harmony with optimistic Jupiter.


It’s the best time to:

Learn about new technologies and innovative methods to work in your pursuits. The future is prompting you to delve into its knowledge.


August 5th: You deserve fresh and exciting encounters


On Thursday, the Moon will step into its domain area, the emotional realm of sensitive Cancer. Then, it will make a  harmonious aspect with liberating Uranus, bringing some emotional excitement that will get you out of an old rut. 


The Universe is offering you a wide range of fantastic new opportunities to explore! Choose those places that make you feel more authentic and say goodbye to those experiences that no longer serve your true purpose.


Astrology Event:

Sensitive Moon is in withdrawn Cancer.

Moon in harmony with innovative Uranus.


It’s the best time to:

Let go of those old attachments that are only preventing you from seeking something new. You deserve more than just enough happiness.


August 6th: Be proud of who you are.


On Friday, the Sun is making a challenging aspect to electric Uranus, inspiring you to reinvent yourself and surprise everyone with a make-over. This is your time to show your true colors and stand from the crowd with your creative style.


Astrology Event:

The Sun in expressive Leo is square to unpredictable Uranus.


It’s the best time to:

Don’t worry about other people’s comments or judgments. Today you represent the creative thrust of the Universe, the new life that springs from the earth and announces new developments.


August 7th: Don’t lose heart!


On Saturday, the Moon is in fiery, dynamic Leo, preparing us for the New Moon on Sunday. You’ll be eager to let your inner child go, play with your loved ones, and enjoy life! 

But watch out for the limiting energy of Saturn. It may damp your plans and curb your enthusiasm. Just go with the flow and trust how things turn up to be.


Astrology Event:

The Moon enters outgoing Leo and makes an opposition to restrictive Saturn.


It’s the best time to:

Don’t worry if things don’t go as planned. Remember that the Cosmos knows what’s best for you.



August 8th: Set your most heartfelt intentions!


On Sunday, the New Moon in expressive Leo encourages us to plant new seeds and get ready for new beginnings. Leo prompts us to listen to our hearts and follow our unique and creative path, regardless of how different it is from the ones we know.


Astrology Event:

New Moon in creative Leo.


It’s the best time to: 

Express yourself as loud as you can! Set your intentions based on what you truly desire, not what you think is the right thing to do. Learn to listen to your intuition since it knows what’s best for you.



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