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Ghost Month 2021 Essential Tips and Cures

Have you ever heard about the “ghost month”? Ghost Month 2021 starts on August 8 and ends on September 6.

Chinese Buddhist and Taoist traditions state that spirits break free from the underworld’s gates during the seventh month of the lunar calendar. 

During that mysterious period of time, these spirits roam the living world freely, disturbing sensible beings and intuitive individuals.

If you are thinking about gentle and protective souls, guess again, my friend. The spirits that wander around the earth are the ones who died tragically or violently. They are lost souls, troubled hearts that cannot find eternal rest thanks to this dreadful event.

During this year, the Chinese believe that the spirits that will visit us will be those born in the Year of the Goat (1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015).

That’s why Ghost Month 2021 strikes as a fearful time that brings all kinds of mishaps and keeps good luck out of our way.

However, Feng Shui experts ensure you don’t need to halt your plans and hole up at home while anxiety consumes you. Although it is not advisable to launch new projects or build new relationships during this month, some tips can help you turn the spirits to your advantage.

Pay attention and follow these suggestions to keep your good karma in check and survive the events of the coming weeks.


Prayer is your best defense for Ghost Month


Praying has a religious connotation that most people don’t feel particularly engaged with nowadays. However, if you are a spiritual and sensitive individual, you have probably practiced it before.


Praying is another word for contacting the Universe, reaching your higher self that protects you and guides your steps at every turn. The more you tap into this force, the further these hungry spirits will stay away from your path.


After all, these souls feed on lost people who lack any kind of connection to their hearts.

Stay positive


Maintaining an optimistic state of mind and a clear heart will keep you strong enough to get through this month without losing your enthusiasm.


Instead of listening to your fears and worries, focus your attention on the many blessings currently unfolding in your life.


This mindset will prevent the intense energy of the spirits from influencing your daily affairs and personal decisions.

Be extra watchful during Ghost Month


Although it is advisable to stay positive and think about other matters, it’s wise to respect these spirits. After all, they come from a different spiritual realm, and we should never forget that.


Thus, during these weeks, keep an eye on yourself and the people you love. Make sure nothing is missing at home and avoid going to unfamiliar and suspicious places.


You know what they say! Better safe than sorry. Especially during the Ghost Month.


Avoid bodies of water


The Chinese believe that the ghosts are drawn to bodies of water, for they confer upon them the power of rebirth. Legend has it that these souls seek to exchange places with people who are swimming, resulting in inexplicable drowning incidents.


Therefore, some Feng Shui experts recommend avoiding deep lakes or seas with violent tides. It is better not to tempt fate while this portal is active.

Avoid the dark


This might sound like a cliche, but the lack of light lures the spirits. Hence, it’s best to keep your surroundings bright. Choose colorful outfits and avoid shady allies during the night.


Spirits that come from the underworld are comfortable inhabiting dark places and tend to weaken around light.


Move into a new home properly


There’s a taboo around the idea of moving into a new place during Ghost Month. However, Feng Shui experts say that you can perfectly do so if you clean the environment properly.


Once you move in, lock all the windows and light incense in every corner of the house. 


Clean the cobwebs, dust and play a recording of singing bowls for an hour while the incense fire burns.


This will ensure that the house stays clear of harmful energies and keep spirits out of the house.

Remember that it is all just temporary


The most important tip is to remember that this is just a temporary state. Evil spirits always return to where they came from, so don’t let this Ghost Month 2021 own your moods.

August is not a curse, and life is not about to end! Just know in yourself you are protected, and you are doing things correctly. If you have plans, move on with them!

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