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Weekly Astrology Forecast: August 16th, 2021 – August 22nd, 2021

Dear Spiritual Seeker,

You are blessed with a week full of abundance and the courage to pursue your wildest dreams. We also welcome the Sun in Virgo at the end of this week which means it will be the time for harvest. 

Are you ready to harvest your blessings?




August 16th: Shine brightly today

On Monday, it’s a great day to delve into new things and enrich your knowledge. Find out what topics you’re passionate about and seek like-minded people your conversations will be passionate and exhilarating. It could even be a start of a movement.


Astrology Event:

The Moon is in adventurous Sagittarius, in conflict with the communication planet Mercury.


It’s the best time to:

Start your week right by opening your throat chakra and practice your freedom of speech. You are supported by the divine. 


August 17th: Take the leap!

On Tuesday, if you’ve been feeling misunderstood these couple of days today is the day to be getting back your voice and have the courage to be “out there”. 

Go ahead and plan your future travels, present your business ideas to would-be partners, take the leap!


Astrology Event:

Moon will be in a difficult angle with dreamy Neptune, 

And will be in harmony with expansive Jupiter later in the day. 


It’s the best time to:

With Jupiter’s optimistic energy, you can do anything you desire on this day. However, you just have to make sure that you are still within the bounds of reality.


August 18th: Be mindful of your thoughts

On Wednesday, because of assertive and passionate Mars, your mind will be on high alert making you a bit more impulsive than usual. 

Remember not to make decisions when you’re sad, mad, or happy as you might regret them later.

You are also advised to sit on the sidelines for a while when it comes to adventures because accidents are a possibility.  

This is because Mercury also represents transportation and Mars is anxious and aggressive. You could have a flat tire or worse.


Astrology Event:

Perceptive communication Mercury is going to be aligned with assertive Mars. 

Moon will be in devoted Capricorn 


It’s the best time to:

What you can do instead of traveling is to stimulate your mind by brainstorming ideas with a teammate or a colleague you’ll be surprised what will come out of your creative mind.  Use and channel this energy wisely.


August 19th: Unlock the door of abundance

On Thursday, expand your limits and focus on your growth whether it’s spiritual or emotional growth. It’s a lucky day to travel and be open to opportunities that will come knocking on your door.


Jupiter has unlocked the door of abundance for this day so be ready for it!

Astrology Event:

Moon in devoted Capricorn 

Sun will be in opposition to the lucky planet Jupiter.


It’s the best time to:

Recognize your own true power and use it towards the betterment of your circumstances. Have faith and take action.



August 20th: An auspicious day

On Friday, your precious luck from the day before will remain and it will be an auspicious day for decision-making, sensible Mercury will be on your side. 

Be open to new ideas especially when it’s about technology as innovative Aquarius shall give you perception. 


Astrology Event:

Moon is in innovative Aquarius. 

It is in harmony discerning Mercury and spontaneous Uranus, 

(The trine between Mercury and Uranus only happens twice a year) 


It’s the best time to:

Take one day at a time, everything is part of your journey take a moment to enjoy the present.


August 21st: Be bold and be fearless!

On Saturday, it will be a favorable day to pursue your bold decisions and taking a leap. You’ll feel fearless and unafraid and it could be a good thing. 

If you have piles of new learning to study that deals with technology, it’s a great day to finish it as you can absorb it easily no matter how complex it is. Thanks to planet Uranus.


Astrology Event:

Moon still in progressive futuristic Aquarius 

While ambitious Mars is in harmony with Uranus. 


It’s the best time to:

Be the best you can be clear with yourself about what you believe in. Find your passion believe in your strengths and dance to the occasion. 


August 22nd: Full Moon in Aquarius


Astrology Event:

Full Moon in Aquarius


On Sunday, everything that is hidden will come to light, your deep feelings and secrets will be illuminated with the moon. It shall also inspire you to innovate your present life and branch out into streams of income.

You will be thinking more about your future and what’s next for you but you will also be smart enough not to focus on your emotions but on your sensible thoughts. 

After the full moon in Aquarius, it moves into sensitive Pisces and that’s when your emotions come to play.


It’s the best time to:

Take it easy and be gentle with yourself, you are where you’re supposed to be – on the right track.

The Sun also enters into Virgo in the next four weeks. In history, Virgo is a period of harvest. That’s why it is the most practical and sensible sign. This could also mean that you will be harvesting from your karmic bank.

If you have worked so hard in the past and you think you don’t get enough recognition and not getting what you deserve? This might be the time!




You have worked so tirelessly to be where you are right now, you are working towards becoming your best version and it shows.

You being here means that you are on your way towards the awakening, abundance and life transformation you truly deserve.

For your energy to flow more smoothly and to align with your true power and core element, we have created this beautiful painting for you so your abundance can begin can flowing immediately. 

Everything you need is waiting for you… 
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