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Weekly Astrology Forecast: August 23rd, 2021 – August 29th, 2021

Dear Spiritual Seeker,


This week we will still be enveloped with the post-shadow energy of the Blue Full Moon in Aquarius. Also, this coming week will be filled with surprises, emotional outbursts, creative thinking, as well as great and meaningful communication.



August 23rd: Find inner peace

On Monday, earlier in the day, the moon will be in sensitive Pisces opposing ambitious Mars. This energy could cause agitation and impulsiveness. 

Later in the day, the Moon moves in opposition to communication planet Mercury, while  Venus will be in harmony with pragmatic Saturn. 

This is an emotional roller coaster day and we still have the post-shadow energy of the Moon. 

There will be emotional upsets but it’s a great day to iron things out with a loved one because Saturn with the help of Venus will take your relationship to the next level.  

In terms of money and your financial stability, you’re all good today.


Astrology Event:

Moon in sensitive, caring Pisces. 

Moon in confrontation to impatient Mars

Moon will be in opposition to Mercury. (early evening PST)

Venus in harmony with pragmatic Saturn


It’s the best time to:

Take it one day at a time, search for inner peace more than anything. Take it slow and easy today. Breathe deep and spend time with nature if you can.


August 24th: Focus on your path

On Tuesday, you will feel flat lethargic energy but later on, the Moon will move into fiery Aries that will amp up your energy levels.

Mercury will be opposing mysterious Neptune which could cause a problem with communication.

Astrology Event:

 Moon will be void of course.

Moon moves into fiery Aries.

Mercury will be in opposition with the mysterious Neptune.

It’s the best time to:

Everything you want is on the other side of fear and obstacles. Don’t dwell on any little thing you go through, keep your head up high and focus on your path. You’ll get there.


August 25th: Pause for a moment

On Wednesday, with the Moon in fiery Aries opposing Venus, it’s great if you would take a step back from your problems. If someone provokes you, think before you react. 

Astrology Event:

Moon in fiery Aries, opposing loving Venus

It’s the best time to:

Think about the consequences of your actions or the words that will come out of your mouth. Are you reacting out of anger? Frustration? If yes, stop and pause for a moment..


August 26th: Delve into deep conversations

On Thursday, you’re going to have deep conversations with people you just met and it would surprise you. The amount of trust the other person will give you is just truly amazing, deep secrets might even come to the surface. 

Astrology Event:

Discerning Mercury is in harmony with the planet of rebirth Pluto

It’s the best time to:

It’s a great day for growing your knowledge when it comes to the metaphysical and the unknown. Such as Astrology, Tarot


August 27th: Start the day with a grateful heart

On Friday, you will feel Taur’s calming energies, you’ll feel more at ease. You’ll accomplish more work, you’ll be so focused without any brain fog. 

Astrology Event:

Moon’s in calming Taurus

In a hard angle to restricted Saturn

It’s the best time to:

Practice Yoga or meditation, restricting Saturn will still trigger Taurus and it may cause frustration. Best to start the day without a grateful heart.


August 28th: Your best laid plans

On Saturday, you will be motivated to take action towards your goals. This could be as simple as waking up early, not eating sugar, or revamping your resume. Small steps lead to bigger success.

Astrology Event:

Moon continues in calming Taurus,

It’s going to be in harmony with assertive Mars 

Moon will be in harmony with Neptune

It’s the best time to:

Figure out your best-laid plans for your future, your journey is exactly where you need to be. The lessons that you encounter in every step carry the knowledge that you can use later on.


August 29th: Great day to socialize

On Sunday, it would be a great day to explore your other talents. With Mercury on your side, your writing skills will be amazing. 

You’d never think you even had it in you but trust me, you do. And this is the day for you to practice it. Go start journaling and express all your feelings, all that you have in you that you’ve kept hidden.

Astrology Event:

The moon begins in calm Taurus. 

Will be in harmony with discerning Mercury

 Moon in witty Gemini (later in the afternoon)

 It’s the best time to:

This Sunday you will be blessed with the energy and motivation to socialize with other people. A great day to connect with friends and family. By socializing and connecting with others you will soon get the answers you seek.



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Master Sarah Lee

Master Sarah Lee

Sarah Lee dedicated herself to the study of Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui since the 1980s. To date, she has analyzed over hundreds and thousands of profiles transforming the lives of more than 1,000,000 individuals.


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