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Weekly Astrology Forecast: September 6, 2021 – September 12th, 2021

Dear Spiritual Seeker,

You are off to a great prosperous week, you will be in a harmonious flow of energy and nothing can break your momentum. You will be blessed with luck, prosperity, and optimism as well as empathy and a boost in inspiration!

September 6th: Progress unfolds

On Monday, harmonious energy will envelop us. The new Moon will be in sensible Virgo and it will encourage us to chase our dreams and achieve our goals, and you won’t feel any pressure. You will be inspired, your inner light of inspiration shall ignite.

With rebellious Uranus under Virgo’s wing, expect a sense of freedom.

This week, there also might be a breakthrough in science and technology. This could mean that a vaccine booster might be in the works or may launch these coming days. There also might be a change in your health insurance policies that will allow you to have more freedom to use it.

Astrology Event:

New Moon in Virgo.

In harmony with rebellious Uranus

It’s the best time to:

If you’re waiting for a sign for things in your life to get better, this is it. The new Moon in Virgo urges you to just keep going, let the past go, and focus on moving forward. Expand your horizons diversify your talents.

September 7th: Let things flow naturally

On Tuesday, you will still have that feeling that you just broke free and now you have the power and inspiration to pursue all your dreams. This intensifies to another level as the sensible Virgo moon is favorable with the planet of rebirth – Pluto.

This means your quest for success will be paired with a motivation to learn and dig deep into introspection.

Astrology Event:

Moon continues in Virgo

In harmony with the planet of rebirth Pluto

It’s the best time to:

Let go of your inhibitions and your self-limitations. Open your heart and surrender to the perfect timing, you are on the right track. Let things flow naturally.

September 8th: You are on fire!

On Wednesday, once again the Universe will provide you all that you need to stay focused on your goals, and this time, you will get everything correct and right on time. You will meet your deadline and you will exceed expectations.

Astrology Event:

Moon in well-balanced and diplomatic Libra

In harmony with utilitarian Saturn.

It’s the best time to:

Iron out business transactions, health insurance, car loans, and your past responsibilities that were left pending. A great day to create financial decisions or invest in stocks. Let the magic in because you are on fire!

September 9th: Your most auspicious day

On Thursday, secrets could be revealed but this sets a positive tone in your career as you can this to your advantage. In fact, everything that happens today can be to your advantage. A highly auspicious day indeed.

Astrology Event:

Moon continues in harmonious Libra.

In a favorable angle to expansive Jupiter.

In a hard angle to transformative Pluto.

It’s the best time to:

Test the waters, do you have any project ideas or business deals? Now is the time to close those deals and act on them. The Universe is giving you the gift of optimism and luck today. Savor it, use it!

September 10th: Intense connections

On Friday, you will desire deep emotional connections with others, you would not appreciate shallow conversations because they are not invigorating enough for your soul.

Astrology Event:

Moon is now in intense Scorpio

It will be in a stressful angle to restrictive Saturn

It’s the best time to:

This would not be a pleasant time for a business meeting, to fix your insurance or your taxes.

Don’t resist but surrender to the beauty of everything around you, smell and touch the roses. Go outdoors for a drive in the sunset, have a picnic, and feel the earth on your feet.

September 11th: Be your most authentic self

On Saturday, Moon is still in intense Scorpio and this creates more passion, intimacy, and creativity.

You may express yourself through art, writing, socializing, or have a romantic date with your partner, or a relaxing night for yourself.

Astrology Event:

Moon in Scorpio

in harmony with intuitive Neptune

It’s the best time to:

If you want to go deep and know someone profoundly on a soul level, this is a great time to do that. Just be present and be your most authentic self!

On this day we also commemorate and give our respects to the victims of the 911 terrorist attacks that happened 20 years ago on September 11, 2001.

September 12th: Your Soul’s Purpose

On Sunday, you will feel the need to search for your soul’s purpose in order to feel safe. Don’t worry dear one, you are where you’re supposed to be. You just have to trust the divine order.

Astrology Event:

Moon in freedom-loving Sagittarius

For you to rediscover yourself, you can set new goals. Because why not? It’s not too late to dream another dream. Do these things to give your life meaning. On this day you will have an optimistic approach to life and it is amazing energy for a Sunday, it will set the tone for the coming work week.


Your breakthrough is coming and you will soon receive the answers that you seek. There will be positive changes in all areas of your life. Align with your highest self and embrace your most abundant reality.

Gradually bring yourself back into the present and light up the fire that connects with your higher power.

It’s now time for you to be in “sync” with the Universe’s vibration

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Go ahead, beautiful spirit.

Waste no time.

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