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8 Subtle Warning Signs From Your Angels

When we decide to live a more soulful existence, we become more aware of the subtle signs coming from the spiritual realm.


Angels and spiritual masters constantly watch our steps and guide our path to help us expand our consciousness and reunite with our highest selves.


As soon as we choose to listen to our Angels, they make every effort to show us the way.


You will notice these meaningful hints because they are out of the ordinary, repetitive, and synchronized events that personally talk to our sixth senses.


They also warn us when there’s an imminent danger or not paying proper attention to our surroundings.


Our spirit guides will keep sending us subtle signs even when we don’t fully understand what they are trying to convey.


You just need to keep asking for them, and they will deliver their message in different ways until it finally gets through.

Here are eight subtle warning signs your angels can use to communicate with you.


1. Hearing disembodied Voices

Some people can hear loud and clear instructions from their spirit guides, telling them which path to follow or warning them of a coming threat.

Some other times, our angels use disembodied voices to deliver hopeful messages as a way to let us know that our kind actions are going to be rewarded.

2. Dreams or premonitions:

Angels are very comfortable communicating with us through dreams since it’s our most direct contact with the spiritual realm.

The ego’s defenses are lowered during this state, and we become more open to their subtle and meaningful messages.

If you had an emotionally charged dream, pay attention to it. This is a very common warning sign from the Angels to sort out your feelings act on something important.

3. Gut reactions

Another way your Angels will try to reach us is through our intuition or gut reaction, which also connects our consciousness with the spiritual realm.

The solar plexus is an energy center that’s able to pick up emergency signals sent by our spiritual guides.

They will make you feel a strange feeling in the pit of your stomach when something is off.

Some people make the mistake of neglecting this sensation. The best action you can take is to pay attention to it as soon as it occurs.

If you are about to enter a place or meet someone and start feeling nauseated, don’t worry if you appear rude. Just take the necessary precautions and leave as soon as you can.

Strange delays or mechanical failures

4. Strange delays or mechanical failures

Those out-of-the-ordinary and inexplicable mechanical failures are clear warning signs that angels use to contact us.

If you pay attention and act on them, the mechanical problem will magically vanish, indicating that you are not in danger anymore.

These delay tactics are meant for getting our attention fast when we are distracted by the vagaries of our minds.

These accidents happen to slow down our way to work or school, saving us from some kind of problem that would put us in a bind.


5. Sudden illness or ominous warnings from others

If your partner wakes up with a sudden illness, don’t encourage them to ignore these symptoms, even though they are healthy individuals and think they have nothing to worry about.

Sometimes, angels use other people to warn us of possible dangers, and if we stop and listen, we can avoid an upsetting scenario.

It could be a loved one, a friend, or even a stranger crossing your path that will send you a message that is meant to make you stop and listen.

They might discourage you from taking a certain route or carry on with your usual routine.

So, instead of ignoring them, take it as a reason to pause and consider the whole picture.

6. Seeing repeating patterns

Have you ever come across the same pattern of numbers in a strange short amount of time?

For example, every time you happen to look at the time, it is 11:11, or you always wake up at the same time.

That’s not a coincidence. Numbers are Angel’s secret codes, and they use them to communicate with us.

7. The room temperature suddenly changes

Supposed you’ve been in your room or office for some time now, and suddenly the whole place feels warmer, even though you haven’t turned on the heater.

However, this warmth doesn’t make you feel suffocated but rather comfortable and cozy.

Well, this is another way your spirit guides are letting you know they are there with you and you are on the right path.

The same happens if the room suddenly feels chilly. This could be a warning sign from your Angels, telling you to be careful about your surroundings.

8. Founding feathers unexpectedly

If you come across some feathers in the middle of your way and look around and there are no birds in the vicinity, this is a clear sign that your angels are trying to reach you.

Take a pause and think about what you were about to do. This reflection time could inspire you to view things from another perspective and open up to more rewarding experiences.

In Closing:

Whenever you feel lost and disconnected from your true purpose, remember there’s a direct way that will re-align you with your divine path.

You are not alone in this journey, and your Angels or Spirit Guides will never let you forget that as long as you pay attention to the subtle warnings they put in your way.

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