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Weekly Astrology Forecast: September 20th, 2021 – September 26th, 2021

Dear Spiritual Seeker, 

The theme for the week is embracing new energy and becoming your best version. 


We will also be having the Autumn Equinox and the Spring Equinox for the northern hemisphere which means rebirth, growth, and awakening. This is your time to shine, move into the warmth of light

September 20th: A day of letting go 


On Monday, it’s a day of letting go and releasing old grudges and pain from your past. Let go of those toxic patterns and those negative thoughts that won’t do you any good.

This full moon in Pisces will bring in some positive ideas and resolutions to outstanding issues.


Astrology Event:

Full Moon in dreamy Pisces

In harmony with discerning Mercury and expansive Jupiter


It’s the best time to:

Vibrate higher and stick to healthy and positive habits that would benefit your overall well-being, you are supported. Trust yourself and you’ll be vibrating positively from within.

An auspicious day to learn something new.


September 21st: Tune into your superpower

On Tuesday, you will be tuning into your superpower and will have the strength and motivation to chase after your goals, finish your pending tasks and work on future projects. A huge gush of blessings will arrive starting on this day.

Keep your eyes open and bring your dreams into reality.


Astrology Event:

Moon is in fiery Aries. 

In harmony with pragmatic Saturn


It’s the best time to:

Propel forward and help yourself grow, today is not the day to procrastinate because today you are transforming, you are upgrading. Embrace it with gusto.

September 22nd: Welcome fresh new empowering energy

On Wednesday, we are ushering in a new season and welcoming new energy. Surrender and trust at your soul level that from here on out everything will be smooth sailing. The time has come for you to be on the receiving end of good things in life. 


Trust your unique path, you are close to finding your purpose.


Astrology Event:

Moon continues in independent Aries. 

Mercury, discerning, will be in an aspect with powerful Pluto

Autumn Equinox (equal day, light, equal night, and darkness)


It’s the best time to:

Today is a great day to start something new, a new routine, a new business idea, a new hobby. A great day to stimulate the mind for research and profound understanding.


September 23rd: Time for inner peace and love

On Thursday, it will be a glorious day to spend time with your loved ones or pamper yourself for your hard work this past couple of days. It’s that time of the week for pleasure and relaxation! 


Astrology Event:

Loving Venus will be in opposition with spontaneous Uranus.

Moon in calming and sensible Taurus from 8:38 AM EST


It’s the best time to:

Go on a romantic date with your loved one or a picnic with your friends. Go ahead and socialize, unexpected things may happen.


September 24th: Break free from your old habits

On Friday, it will be a great day to change your old routine or to break from a toxic habit. If you’re addicted to social media, to alcohol, or to sugar. If you’ve got excess sugary treats in your pantry, why not donate them to kids who would rather be happy having them.


Today could be your Day One, this could be the beginning of the rest of your life and become exactly who you want to be.


Astrology Event:

Moon in stable Taurus

Going to cross over unexpected Uranus.


It’s the best time to:

Embrace the new you emerging from the shadows, your inner light has been kept hidden and now you’re ready to step out. Never doubt the things you’re capable of.

September 25th: Embrace calming energies

On Saturday, the most part of the day the Moon will be void of course and you will feel lazy and unmotivated, but this changes when the Moon moves into chatty Gemini where you will be all restless wanting to socialize and have fun. You are so close to what you want – just relax and take it easy.


Astrology Event:

Moon will be void of course 

Then goes into chatty Gemini from 8:37 PM EST

Assertive Mars will be in harmony with pragmatic, Saturn. 


It’s the best time to:

A favorable day for achieving your tasks despite the Moon being void of course. Such as wrapping up old commitments and projects, you can also donate to the needy and fill up your karmic bank. Do this so you have a lot more reason to celebrate your Saturday night!


September 26th: Maintain your soul’s high vibe

On Sunday, Mercury will be in retrograde and you are discouraged to make any big decisions, travel plans, and any big launches that involve communication and technology.


Moon continues friendly Gemini, 

Mercury, the planet of communications is going retrograde in the sign of diplomatic Libra until October the 13th.


It’s the best time to:

Expect the unexpected and maintain your high vibration so that good unexpected things happen to you during the retrograde. 


Retrograde doesn’t mean everything will be problematic, it is a time to reflect, reassess and organize your thoughts and condition your mind to be open and ready to receive all that is meant for you.



It is a fateful week filled with ups and downs especially with the Mercury retrograde happening, it is important to maintain your vibrations and keep your Chakras in excellent working condition. 


So you can align with your highest self, allow positive things to happen to you – no matter the transits happening you won’t be susceptible to weakness. 


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Today is the day you start becoming who you have always wanted to be. 


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