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Weekly Astrology Forecast: September 27th, 2021 – October 3rd, 2021

Dear Spiritual Seeker, 

This week you will face ups and downs, but with the right guidance and the positive mindset you might even pick up a lesson or two from this week. The theme for this week is ideas, love, and inner peace.

September 27th: Choose the right words

On Monday, be mindful of your words because the Moon is in chatty Gemini and at the same time Mercury is turning retrograde in the sign of Libra. Which will make it tricky to choose your words or to say them at the right time. 

Astrology Event:

Moon in Gemini, 

Mercury turning retrograde in diplomatic Libra

 It’s the best time to:

Do some journaling, if you have racing thoughts and ideas, just write them all. Making your thoughts tangible by writing makes it easier for you to gather your emotions and your opinions.


September 28th: Choose love over anger

On Tuesday, you will feel more sensitive and there will be feelings of uneasiness and frustration. Watch out for an irrational burst of emotions. Think before you react and focus on the positive.

Astrology Events:

Moon enters into sensitive and nurturing Cancer. 

In a stressful angle with the Sun in fair Libra. 

It’s the best time to:

Don’t let negativity take you over and choose love over anger. Focus on multiplying your blessings look away from things and people that irritate you. Not everything nor everyone deserves your reaction/attention.

September 29th: You are safe

On Wednesday, it will be a pleasant day and you’ll feel comfortable staying in your comfort zone and that’s fine. You’ll even think of ways to feel more comfortable in your own home.

Astrology Event:

Moon in nurturing Cancer

It’s the best time to:

It’s a great day to get to know yourself, to enjoy solitude and independence. Sometimes the best things and ideas come to you when you just quietly follow what your heart desires.


September 30th: No one can disrupt your inner peace

On Thursday, you will be on a hot spot and there will be an instance where you will be forced to admit what you know. You may get involved in a squabble. Take accountability and apologize if it’s needed.

Astrology Event:

Loving Venus squares up to expansive Jupiter. 

It’s the best time to:

It’s better to sow seeds of friendship, love, honor, and loyalty than burning bridges. You’ll notice your life become more peaceful. Rise above the situations and be grounded in inner peace – remember, nothing and no one can affect you when you don’t give them permission.

October 1st: Love yourself fully

On Friday, there’s something about how you express yourself that will affect everyone around you. Avoid gossips and minding other people’s business as these actions have ramifications. If you have something to say, say it to the person directly with respect. Who knows this might even improve the dynamics of your relationship.

Astrology Event:
Communication planet Mercury in square aspect to dark and personal Pluto

 It’s the best time to:

Dig deep within and appreciate your own loving qualities, believe you are worthy, you are precious and beautiful in your own little way.


October 2nd: You are free from your emotions

On Saturday, the stars are in favor and you will have it in you to express yourself freely and sensibly without being affected by your emotions as compared to the previous days.

You can finally say what you needed to say.

Astrology Event:

Desirable Venus Sextiles dark Pluto

Moon in Leo opposing optimistic Jupiter 

 It’s the best time to:

  All is well my dear one, everything is perfectly aligned as it is. Let things unfold naturally. Be honest and honor your truths. Embrace your authentic self, let the people around you feel how great and fun it is to be with you. Your angels know this, when I say angels they are the gems in your life who love and appreciate you.


October 3rd: An abundant journey awaits you

On Sunday, an abundant journey is right ahead of you and you will have the urge to solve outstanding problems and problems standing in your way. 

You will have a brand new inspiration in reaching your goals. It’s a great cap for the week giving us the motivation to start the following week right.

Astrology Event:

Moon in organized Virgo

Mercury in trine aspect to Jupiter 



Don’t forget who you really are and tune into your true inner power, it’s true that sometimes you’d think you are powerless because sometimes it’s buried too deep and you can’t see or even feel it. 

Remember that you are capable enough to reach your dreams and bring them into reality. All it takes is for your energy to be aligned with the true force of the universe. 

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