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Weekly Astrology Forecast: October 18th – October 24th, 2021

Dear Spiritual Seeker,

The theme for this week is intelligence, expansion, and growth. On most days of the week, you will be gifted with focus, and an optimistic attitude. Also, we have Jupiter and Mercury stationed direct!

Overall, it will be a lucky week for you!


October 18th: Feel your zest for life 

On Monday,  expect your luck to turn positively around when Jupiter goes in direct motion. 

A perfect time to reflect on your future plans that relate to abundance, happiness, growth, and expansion. Aries, the ram will give you the confidence you need to boost your skills, today is also the best time to tackle difficult matters.

From Monday till Tuesday, the trine between assertive Mars and expansive Jupiter shall give you the optimism and enthusiasm that you need. You’ll feel your zest for life once again and trust that you will be making the right decisions.

Astrology Event:

Jupiter → direct motion 2:02 AM

Moon → Aries 5:08 AM

Mercury → direct motion 10:11 AM 

Moon sextile Saturn 6:15 PM

Mars Trine Jupiter   11:02 PM

It’s the best time to:

Focus on your growth. One lucky social connection can lead to a universe of professional possibilities! Mercury will help you seek new opportunities and Jupiter shall provide you with a bit of luck.

October 19th: Accept your spiritual gifts

On Tuesday, communication planet Mercury will be opposing the moon and this means spiritual gifts will be available for you, however, your thinking could be volatile it’s better to think twice before deciding on anything. This day could bring cheerful and positive energies for you and yoru family.

Astrology Event:

Moon Opposition Mercury 12:32 AM 

Moon Trine Venus 5:44 AM 

It’s the best time to:

A harmonious day awaits you and it would be best to spend this day showing loving-kindness to yourself and your loved ones. With this new day comes new ways to become better.


October 20th: Newfound wealth and new beginnings

On Wednesday, the day begins with a huge sextile of the Moon to the luckiest planet Jupiter, some may even call it a perfect constellation. You may receive newfound wealth or shocking money-making opportunities. A selfless act that you’ve done or your honest opinion would help you gain popularity and improve your life entirely.

However, this day would not end without any disagreements with the opposite sex it is also because we have the Full Moon in temperamental and fiery Aries. In the afternoon past 3 est, the Moon shall move in calming Taurus – washing away all the anguish providing calm and nurturing energies.

 Astrology Event:

Moon sextile Jupiter 12:07 AM

Moon Opposition Mars 1:32 AM

Moon Square Pluto 3:50 AM

Full Moon (Aries) 10:02 AM

Moon → Taurus 3:02 PM

It’s the best time to:

Things around you will start to change and it is because you are growing, embrace your expansion, and face your challenges like the warrior that you are. 


October 21st: Obstacles and balance

On Thursday, it’s an emotionally challenging day today when three male plants grace our skies. You will feel sadness and irritability and may lack the inner balance you need to face the day.

Astrology Event:

Moon Square Saturn 4:47 AM

Moon Conjunction Uranus 5:35 PM

Mars Square Pluto 8:19 PM

It’s the best time to:

Find your center when you feel overwhelmed, don’t get tempted to spend or to go on a downward spiral when things don’t go your way to way. Engage in healthy activities and keep your soul pure. This too shall pass.

October 22nd: A journey through self-discovery

On Friday, the Moon sextile Neptune will provide an active imagination, you’ll discover things you didn’t know you could do. 

In the afternoon when the Moon trines Pluto, you will be experiencing rebirth and awakening. you’d feel wanting to do more, wanting more of that awakening and passion.

Astrology Event:

Moon sextile Neptune 8:28 AM

Moon Square Jupiter 11:40 AM

Moon Trine Pluto 3:28 PM

Sun → Scorpio 11:41 PM 

It’s the best time to:

A great day to discover things on your own, find things that make you happy, go places you’ve never been. Find that fire within your spirit.

October 23rd: The gift of curiosity 

On Saturday, what else are you curious about? the Moon in Gemini will tickle your imagination making you more curious about anything under the Sun. The trine with Saturn will transform you into an organized whiz with laser-sharp focus.

Astrology Event:

Moon → Gemini 3:00 AM

Moon Trine Saturn 5:12 PM

It’s the best time to:

The way you see yourself today is vital to who you want to be in the future. Today is the best day to absorb new information and vast experiences.


October 24th: Brilliant mind

On Sunday, the exciting trine between Moon and Mercury gives you brilliant learning and language skills. Your mind is most powerful at this trine. Do you have trainings or exams? Today is the best day to study or to take them.

Astrology Event:

Moon Trine Mercury 5:21 AM

Moon Opposition Venus 4:43 PM

Moon Square Neptune 9:12 PM

It’s the best time to:

The constellation between the Moon and Neptune at night is a tricky one, it gives you a submissive attitude and an imbalance in your emotions. It’s best to stay home and have a restful evening.

In Closing:

It is a special extraordinary week, and you will be given the optimism and enthusiasm that you need. As well as focus and grit. You’ll feel zest for life once again.

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Carline Gutierrez

Carline Gutierrez

Carline Gutierrez is a Feng Shui advisor and Spiritual blogger. Dedicated to enchant readers and guide them to the path of finding their intrinsic self, getting self-fulfillment and prosperity