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How to Feng Shui Your Home For Good Luck This Halloween

Halloween is one of our most cherished holidays of the year, especially for those like us that have a witchy heart pounding under our chest.

But we must not forget that everything is energy, and your home environment is affected by the mysterious forces brought by the night of the living dead. 

October 31 is ruled by Scorpio, an intense zodiac sign that could stir up powerful emotions all around us.

When you add dark or scary force to the already dense energy of Halloween, it could intensify negative energies such as loss, violence, abuse, and so on.

To create enjoyable and harmonious energy in your house during this holiday, place your cures and energy corrections throughout your residence.

This will activate the correct flow of the chi energy and enhance your relationships, long-term abundance, cash flow, and emotional well-being.

Orange and Black Decorations


The typical colors of Halloween are orange and black, but Feng Shui doesn’t recommend overusing them in your home decoration.


Black is not an actual color but rather the absence of light. Large amounts of it could bring oppressive and stagnant energy. Use it in moderation in your kitchen and entryway. 


This color represents water and will go exceptionally well in your house’s Southeast, East, and Northside.


Orange brings vibrant and enthusiastic energy that provides warm energy to your environment. You can use orange leaves, candles, and pumpkins to decorate your surroundings.


The best spots to place orange to improve the energy in your home is in the Southwest, South Northwest, and center of the room.



Light is an essential part of the energetic balance of your surroundings. Make sure to replace any burned-out light bulbs and add light to dark corners, avoiding low-suspended fixtures. 


The lighting in your house shouldn’t be extra bright or cast a shadow. 

Regarding your exterior lighting, you can use homemade luminaries or lanterns to light the path to your doorway regarding your exterior lighting. 


Animals decorations

Ravens, bats, and owls are safe to use as Halloween decorations. Owl can safeguard your home from physical threats and misfortunes while attracting wise and protective mentors.


They also help you clear your mind and prevent any bad luck from entering your house.


Ravens scare off negative chi from your house, and bats attract favorable luck and wealth, which is why these animals are great decoration options.


They are a bit spooky, but you can trust they’ll protect your house and family from any wrong energy around.



Strange delays or mechanical failures

Scary Images

Scary decorations like goblins, ghosts, and witches are a fun way to make your guests excited to go around your house and look for any surprises you have in store for them.


However, make sure that all decorations are facing outward and placed in the entryway. 


You should also balance your house environment with nature’s objects such as pine cones, twigs, and leaves.


Include metalics

Silver and gold decorations will enhance the earth’s grounding energy in your surroundings, helping everyone connect with the present. 


This will keep anxiety and worries away while adding a lovely shimmery effect.




In Closing:

You don’t have to deprive yourself of your favorite holiday because you are a Feng Shui enthusiast and want to keep your environment as harmonious as possible.

You just need to know how to place everything correctly to ensure a spooky decoration while keeping the proper flow of the chi energy in your house.

Besides, no matter what you put in your home if you’re equipped for what’s coming, then you won’t be affected. 

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